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Stick Figures

Okay, I don’t know how I got from stick figures to condoms to lying sacks of shit.  But, there is a metaphor in here somewhere, cause there’s an abundance of lying sacks of shit laying around these days spewing shit out of their mouths [I specialize in filth, NOT shit btw].

Anyway, with a lot of Americans still financially face down in the dung heap  these  days, what does one certain political party do to address the problem?  Right  Correct, jump on the abortion bandwagon, and wanna close family planning clinics and pass legislation to do so.  Funny how those folks, who we’ll just call Lying Sacks Of Shit, don’t like regulations when it comes to business and the environment, but when it comes to screwing, Well they know best, and wanna regulate the fuck out of it 🙂

This is were Condom Boy comes in (no pun intended) [“Bullshit Hansi”].  He can save the day, by preventing abortion, social disease and a host of  other problems, leaving  those certain politicians free from thinking about sex all the time and actually do something.  Sounds pretty cool, don’t-cha think.  Problem is, I think they’d just co-opt old Condom Boy, turn around, and use him to screw the rest of us.


Comments on: "Stick Figures" (24)

  1. How come your stick figures look so much better than mine?

    Condum Boy saves America…very clever!

  2. I like the one of the congressman smoking the butt. Or is that a Miami City commissioner ?

  3. There are certainly a lot of hypocrites in politics. Great stick figure superheroes!

  4. Wow, my stick figures don’t look like that. More like a 4 year old drew them. I’m busy. Pod was delivered today. Packing like a fiend. Couple of weeks and we are out of here. Will you guys wait for me? My blogging is starting to fall off. sigh….

    • Sure, I’ll wait. Sometimes real-life issues take precedent over blogging, but only rarely. Good luck on the move and have a safe trip. Happiness will follow.


  5. Two things.

    First of all, Condom Boy can’t save America from abortion because everyone knows that the mere existence of Condom Boy will make every teenager in America want to have sex 24×7, so he will not be able to be talked about in schools.

    Second, re stick figures, maybe that is your answer to how to portray Condom Boy’s superpowers. He could be a stick figure in normal life but when he is exercising his super powers he could, er, fill out a little!

  6. Excellent post. Politicians deciding what we should do with our bodies…ach don’t get me started.

  7. When you say the words lying sack of shit suddenly the world is OK. Now I see one, it’s even better. Great work!

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Love this new superhero. Straight to the point, he is. Er. Ahem.

  9. There has to be someone out there who can write the short theme song that then could be created into a visual show introduction!

  10. I really like this post hansi

  11. Great post, Hansi. Less lying sacks of shit, more condoms, please!
    Btw, your stick figures look so wonderful and full of spunk…. 0_0

  12. condom boy looks like a prick to me .. i can always be guaranteed to lower the tone .. 🙂

    • Love it. You do have a way of lowering the tone…right into the sewer. Where it belongs 🙂


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