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Colored pencils are such a trip because they got the best of both worlds going on: pencil action, plus color.  So when the grandson wasn’t looking, I snatched his Crayola “Twistables” coloured pencils from him and got to work on some of my older ink drawings.

Although  “Twistables” offer a fairly limited pallet (Crayola not being the premier name in fine art supplies), it was fun exploring them again.  And the best part is when ya run out of color, all ya gotta do is twist the other end, and out pops more lead.  And anything that pops out after getting twisted is always good with me.

I probably better apologize in advance for the one below.  It wasn’t an earlier ink drawing like the other two.  But one I just did without sketching it out first.  Maybe I’m just still recovering from my anal annual prostrate exam, but a lot of the male figures I do in profile all look like they’re taking a leak.   Even the little green men from Mars.


Comments on: "Twistables" (19)

  1. Ah! That explains it….a visit to the butt doctor and his pet, the one eye snake!

  2. The phallic shapes in the background don’t help matters much, either…

  3. Always kept a large supply of colored pencils in my classroom for drawing maps and drawing pics from the texts. It was astonishing how many of the kids 2-4 years behind grade level in reading produced such high caliber stuff and allowed me to give a B even though they failed the tests. See they learned geography and history with colored pencils not words and tests. One 9th grader was so good. Give him paper, regular pencil and a B/W photo and from 12 feet or more away you could barely tell which was which.

  4. To demented for comment. I like color things. Science demands your brain. After you are done using it of course.

  5. Nothing like a ride on the silver stallion to focus your creative energy!

  6. tell me hansi, is the green man shopping in a penis shop ? what a choice 😉

  7. That last piece, you’ve taken the innocence out of using Crayola.
    Never been too good at colored pencils. I managed one in my life that I really liked. I like the mix of ink and the color though.

  8. Love the green man. Hate the idea of a probe 🙂

  9. OMG … I looked at the drawing before reading the text … and thought the guy is taking a leak! Crayons are a good touch!!!

  10. Pinching the sprog’s stuff eh? Lucky you – the sprogs in my family pinch MY stuff 😡

    • The sprogs get all the good stuff from their parents. They won’t notice a pinch missing here or there


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