mind expanding nonsense

What I like about blogging is that on my blog,  I get to do what I want.  Maybe that’s why I chose the name Hansi’s Hallucinations.  Watch out for that mindless blog link loop!

I don’t have anything to sell, and when you don’t have anything to sell, you’re not beholding to a readership who you are subtly trying to manipulate into making a purchase.  Nothing to sell; but I have been accused of peddling smut.   Good thing Bullshit is still free.  But somehow people are willing to pay for it, and pay huge speaker fees to certain folks for their brand, just so they can spout a bunch of bullshit to an audience eagerly awaiting to gobble it up.  Doesn’t make sense to me, but then again,  If there’s bullshit ’bout to go down, I wanna be the Bullshit-tor, NOT the Bullshit-ee.

So I guess it’s the freedom of expression that I like about the Blog-o-shere.  I can slap together anything I want, from drawings to rants, and with a click of the mouse, sent them off into cyber-space for the whole world to see.  Pretty trippy, don’t cha think?


Comments on: "What I Like About Blogging" (18)

  1. Pretty trippy, it is. And I’m reminded of Michaelangelo’s women who also looked masculine. Any relations? :~)

  2. Me personally, I’m always trying to subtly manipulate my readers. I do a damn fine job of it to, since so far they have sent me a grand total of $0. which is pretty darn sneaky of me, since I am subtly drawing them in, like lambs to the slaughter. Then bam! I lower the boom. My stops here are just part of that subtlty. Bet you were so totally unaware of that.

    • I was…totally unaware of that. But now that I’m aware of it, big deal. I’m doing the same thing. And I’m right up there in revenue with ya.


  3. I pretty much agree but I have self imposed restrictions. I won’t politicize or editorialize because people come to my space for a chuckle and I keep it corny clean and wholesome. Since there is a following I don’t feel compromised.

    • Your blog is great, I check it out daily. And good for you. You’re stay true to beliefs, and doing quite well with the number of followers you have. I’m envious 🙂


  4. Why am I thinking “dick head” with that top picture? 😀

  5. It’s pretty cool this whole thing, isn’t it? We get to say what we like how we like and publish it. Bring on the smut and free BS!

  6. I just love your drawings. Keep do’in what you want, cause lots of us want to see!

  7. Great … the mindless loop again … Woo hoo!!! … I love it! Meanwhile, we have a person coming from behind a freaky mask, someone’s intellectual dong smothering someone else, and a Medussa-Wanna-Be with a cross between the Tim Man and the Michelein Man in the background.

  8. Hi, Nominated you for WordPress Versatile blogger award! See the link here for more details!

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