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Odds and Ends

As soon as I finish a drawing session, I usually photograph and edit the drawings and save them in a special folder on my computer: Hansi’s Drawings.  Lately I’ve been grinding out so much stuff, I’m getting confused as to what I’ve posted.

Here’s some stuff that made it onto The Blithering Idiot, my other drawing blog, which I don’t promote so much, but am shamelessly doing so now 🙂  I know, it’s a cheap trick, but if I post all this random stuff on Hansi, I can clean out my drawing folder.  And that means it’s ready to be filled up again with more delightful madness.

Sure feels good, not only getting my drawings nicely organized in an orderly way, but my life too.  A win win relationship

Life is like a balancing act.  Things go a lot more smoothly if ya keep all your ducks in a row, lined up and in order.  Otherwise they’ll run amok and shit all over the place.

Wrap your mind around that!


Comments on: "Odds and Ends" (10)

  1. Viewing your art is a cerebral exercise. Thanks

    • Glad ya had a good work-out. Exercise is vital to one’s health, and starting with the brain is a good place. Gotta always exercise caution; sometimes even good judgment; but always gotta exercise the mind. Don’t want it to atrophy on ya.


  2. Psst. Some of your people don’t have their limbs connected. Just wanted to warn ya so you could fix that up. And that second dude looks like his nose is a bit too big. You do make yer noses a bit too big often. I should have mentioned it before. And I object to the naked butt. Would you enjoy someone drawing your butt I ask ya? Don’t do it any more. The rest are pretty much okay, but is the fat guy supposed to look like Friar Tuck? I guess it depends on the angle. It could also be Dick Cheney. Clarify please.

  3. Love the guy watching his … donut?

    • I was thinking eyeball, but maybe it’s a doughnut with cherry on top. Who knows?


  4. Is that Martin Luther flippin the eye of God.

  5. LOL! You know you’re prolific when you draw them faster than you can post them. 🙂

    • Creativity goes in spurts. Gotta make hay (or drawings) while the sun shines, or something like that.


  6. On the third one … where the drawing of the view he is seeing through the peep hole?

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