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Tumor in my Brain

Ya ever wonder what it would be like to have a tumor in your brain?  An invasive growth that wanted to take over your body?  NOT the scary kind like cancer.  God forbid!  I wouldn’t want to wish that anyone except my worst enemies.  But the kind that’s been done in so many science fiction movies and bad TV shows.

Instead of finding such a prospect terrifying, I think it would be kinda cool.  It would sure make life a lot easier, cause ya wouldn’t  have to think all the time.  Instead, like cruise-control on your car, your Tumor could take over, and free ya up enough to stretch out and enjoy the ride.  Plus, if you ever screwed-up really badly, you could always blame it on your Tumor.  [“My Tumor made me do it!”]  Not only does that get ya off the hook, but is great for gaining sympathy.  And sympathy can sometimes into a sym-phony, if ya let your tumor take over for ya again.

I think my Tumor is starting to crap-out,  and stop thinking for me.  Here’s another drawing the  Tumor did.  It’s all its fault; hope you enjoy the drawing.


Comments on: "Tumor in my Brain" (14)

  1. Tumors take up room so the art is pushed out of our minds which is just fine.

  2. well, I think it may be better to have a tumor in the brain….. than to only have a rumor of a brain

  3. Dammit! Cannot use it in political writings but i need a good excuse for the need to write everyday…..

  4. I think what you want (or what you already may have) is one of those fancy helmets that you plug in and put on your head and it sends electrodes into your brain to zap certain parts (e.g., the pleasure center).

  5. many an observer has noted that my brian must be a tumour, for the rubbish it distributes 😉

  6. or is that brain ?

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