mind expanding nonsense

No need to ask me what’s on my mind.  Cause I show ya just about every other day.  Lately I’ve taken to drawing in the evenings after diner.  And do you know what just happened?  Just as I typed the word dinner, The wife called out “dinner’s ready”.   I shit you not and swear to God.   How’s that for a coinky-dink?

Now I’m stuffed, and it’s hard to think.  But anyway, I’ve been doing and posting a lot of drawings lately, and started thinking, “Is there a theme in all this nonsense somewhere?”

I suppose.   I am interested in the female figure, and draw it, in all it’s perplexing glory, a heck of a lot.  I also do a lot of profiles.  I guess you can say I got a ‘style’, although I dislike that word when it comes to art.   Not that I think what I’m doing is ‘art’, let alone ‘great art’.  Hell no, it’s pure fun, just like it is for my nine year old grandson.

And the coolest part of all this fun is it’s My Fun.  Kinda like when the Star-ship Enterprise heads off into new worlds, to discover new things and new species.  The Federation may have a hands-off rule about other species, but I don’t!  In fact I have a ‘hands-on’ policy.  I get to mess with the stuff I create, but sometimes the species ends up feces after I get done intervening with it.   Oh well, think I’ll dive into my next world 🙂


Comments on: "Hansi’s My Name, Hallucinating’s My Game" (13)

  1. Hey! Hallucinating is no game. I take it very serious. And so do those elephants passing through my living room.

  2. i love this understatement. ” I am interested in the female figure” .. which serves as a reminder – don’t forget that Sarah will have a role on Tuesday’s Today show.

  3. Love the air and the see-thru thingy…

  4. You’re pretty skilled at morphing your sketches into multiple images into one. Sometimes I have to look and wonder, “Did he really do that?” Shows a lot of character and nonlinear compositions that says anything goes.

    • Sometimes I gotta look too. But when there’s no specific end result in mind, anything does go and ya can work into accidents and develop them.


  5. Talk about getting a load off one’s mind….

  6. Don’t get me started. Seriously. You take a load off my mind too Hansi. You make it quite clear that my husband is not totally insane, he’s just exhibiting maleness. And that’s a relief, because otherwise I could not trust him with knives or other sharp objects.

  7. jcosmonewbery said:

    Is your drawing as effortless as it looks?

    • Yes and no. It’s like everything else, when I’m in the groove, things flow. When not, well then it takes a lot of effort to crank-out something decent (or in my case indecent) 🙂


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