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Drawing Lessons

Hey, I’m not pimping myself out by trying to sell drawing lessons online; as if anyone would be interested, (but if you are….).  Nope, this is about some lessons I learned while drawing on the evening of March 21st. [from whenst cometh the illustrations.]  That’s me above in my full listening mode; ready to draw, ready to learn.

The first lesson I learned was: Don’t try and get too fancy when having hallucinogenic fantasies about female Star Trek Officers.  I got cute and tried to draw a star-ship in there, and being too damn lazy to Google a picture of the Star-ship Enterprise and do it right, I thought I’d “Be Creative”, and do my own.  Not only was the drawing bad, but I lost my train of thought concerning Deanna Troi,  Doctor Crusher, and me having a trio of fun on the Holodeck.  So…

#1:  Don’t get creative!  When ya got a hot fantasy going, don’t ruin it with a lot of detail or realism.   I was so distressed by my space-ship I couldn’t focus on activities in the Holodeck.

#2:  When you’re in a rut, go back to what’s familiar.  Nothing like a rut to make ya feel uncomfortable.  And how are you gonna do your best work if you’re uncomfortable and restless?   So when you’re in a rut, do what’s comfortable.  I grabbed a good ol’ #2 pencil, you know, the type ya had in grade school; the kind I learned to write and draw with.  No fancy art pencils or ink pens, just a basic #2 with erasure on the end for when ya fuck-up.

#3:  Explore new horizons!  When I’m really grinding em out, fully ensconced in the right side of my brain, I rarely look up from my pad and paper.  I’m too busy creating new worlds and new characters that I’d like to meet.  Like those chicks on the Star-ship Enterprise.

But sometimes even your own little world seems small, and you need to expand your horizons.  Well old Hansi be dipped in shit if that just ain’t what happened that night.  There I was, sitting in my recliner (I know, what a geezer) earphones on, rockin’ out, and wondering, “What am I gonna draw?”  I looked at my blank paper, then looked up, and low and behold there was my stereo and T V sitting on the other side of the room.  “Wow…How’d that get there?”   “So that’s where the music’s coming from”.  So I drew it.  Who’d believe that some of the stuff I draw actually exists?  Pretty far-out if ya ask me.

Anyway, maybe there’s a lesson you could D r a w  from all this.  I know I’ve learned my lesson.


Comments on: "Drawing Lessons" (18)

  1. Nice streams of thoughts illustrated here.

  2. I think the space ship was an unconscious phallic fantasy…LOL Damn good sketches!

  3. Brother, I just knew it. I’ll never be able to watch my beloved Star Trek again with the same innocence. So, you are doing this, and my husband having watched the new episode of Mad Men, is fantasizing about us having a maid in New Mexico who cleans in her panties because it’s so hot. I’m going to relegate him to the garage, with his own couch and bed, and little 2-plate and fridge. Normal people to be in the house. Geesh

    • Next time you think Holodeck, think Hansi :) Hope your hot new maid cleans her panties in the garage.


  4. One of those days when your psilocybin-influenced talent is not as apparent.

    I like it, but don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the mushroom fantasies too. 🙂

    • Mushrooms. Psilocybin. Sounds like new frontiers that are in need of exploration 🙂


  5. I’ll start to worry when your entertainment center morphs into the bridge of the Enterprise.

  6. The first lesson I learned was: Don’t try and get too fancy when having hallucinogenic fantasies about female Star Trek Officers – hey watch that. It’s my post today.

    • Oops. But you know what they say about great minds. Or maybe it’s just all us old guys have the same fantasies 🙂


  7. hehe … you look so happy in your recliner. Picture of contentment.

  8. Marina Sirtis … right?

    All I know about drawing is there are straight lines, curved lines, and the proportions between them.

  9. jcosmonewbery said:

    Spaceship? What spaceship? Oh…I see….

  10. well done hansi, i’ll help promote your offer of lessons. just get yourself on twitter so we can begin 😉

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