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Sunday is a good day to just sit around and  mellow out. That is after you’ve gone to the Gym, run to Trader Joes, worked in the garden  (cause everything is telling me it’s Spring), and  taken a nap.  When ya got all that out of the way, Sundays are sweet.   Everything seems to have slowed down for a day, kinda like a sabbath day, except for it’s on Sunday, the Lord’s day, and not the sabbath day which is Saturday.

There’s a theme in here somewhere.  Maybe it’s about change.  The change in my blog, the changes going on in my life (mostly pretty good stuff).  Drawing spontaneously helps clear the cob-webs in my mind.

I’m sure glad the fat goddess made an appearance; always good to see her.


Comments on: "Sunday" (17)

  1. Oh that one guy looks like a spaceman coming out your head! lol…Gosh your stuff is fun. Hope everything is well. I like the guys behind the fat lady.

  2. What are those things bottom left of last drawing ” Hmmm. Carrots I think.

    • They are not what you think. I realized they look like a couple of joints after I did the drawing, but really, I swear, that was not my intent. I really don’t know what they are, I’ll leave that up to the viewer.


  3. the viewers are both excited and confused … watching the results of you clearing your head is a fascinating thing hansi 😉

  4. i’ve just realised too, a bit late because i’m quite dim – that i should click the follow comments box …

  5. jcosmonewbery said:

    I’m new to your site – very impressed with your drawings. Colour me green!

    Thank you for your comments about my limerick – I have delayed the posting of it to give my current poem a fair run.

  6. Yeah, and that’s a zit on the guy’s nose, too, I bet!

  7. Your drawings always amaze me. 🙂

  8. “Zit on the nose” cracked me up. But at least drawing 2 confirms Hansi has breasts on his brain.

  9. Your Sundays are far more entertaining than mine lol

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