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March Madness

Sorry, this has nothing to do with college basketball.  It’s mostly about drawing, and that’s  certainly been on the rebound.  Bad puns aside, March has started out with a Bhang Bang!  And a flourish of drawings too.  Mainly because I stopped watching a lot of TV at night.  Instead, I’ve been turning on the stereo and listening to whole albums, like Pink Floyd’s “Dark-side of the Moon”, and drawing.

Why watch a bunch of scary shit on TV, when ya have more that enough scary shit in your mind?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have room for any more.


Comments on: "March Madness" (15)

  1. WoW! Some of your better work today Hans.

  2. Okay, what is Pan holding in his hand…..if mythology is right?

  3. Thanks for the treat of never-ending innuendos. Well done!

  4. I think I’d opt for the TV rather than your brain for scary. Otherwise I rather liked your pitchers today. Not so much overt sex. Course, I’m good at ferreting out all the hidden sex. lol..boobs everywhere! I choose to ignore this since I know you are on meds. Have a lovely day.

  5. Shine on you crazy diamond!

    (wrong album, I know)

  6. The connectedness of your drawings thoughtful

  7. I always enjoy your sketches! As for scary stuff on tv, I close my eyes and ask hubby Mark when it’s safe to look. 🙂

    • Seems like you trust him not to turn on Fox news during that time. Now that is always scary (at least for me).


  8. Interesting visuals. 🙂

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