mind expanding nonsense

O K….this ain’t great art, let alone a philosophical rant, possibly a sixties head-trip; but ice cream cones do actually start to change once they come out of the freezer.  It would be cool if they morphed into something cool like “The Blob”, and slimmed and slithered all over the place gobbling people up.   Sadly, it’s the other way around for the ice cream cone.  But it does morph, especially if you’re not busily slurping up the slime with your tongue.  And unlike sex, the more ya lick it, the softer it gets.  It melts!

What’s worse than having ice cream morph on ya, is having your mind morph on ya.  But what’s better than ice cream is letting your drawing do the morphing for your mind.  There’s all together too much stuff to keep track of and follow these days.  Drawing lets me clear some of the cobwebs out of the old brain and see things in a different light.

Clarity and light may be missing from this one, and probably not a great example.  But possibly this was some of the junk in my brain.  [Sure glad it’s on my blog and not in my brain anymore.]   Just letting it rip with no predetermined outcome, is my way to loosen-up and open oneself to new ideas or avenues to explore.  The date is lettered quite nicely I think.


Comments on: "When Ice Cream Cones Start to Morph on Ya" (23)

  1. If’n you think that the x’d out parts are invisible, think again. I saw what dirty thing you said. Washin’ out your mouth with ice cream!

  2. The date – I could never make my writing or printing uniform. I don’t know why. Maybe teenage remnant refusal to conform but I was really not rebellious at all.

  3. I’m …. speechless.

  4. Should the title of that first drawing be “I’m meeeellllting . . “

  5. One more thing–I shouldn’t say this, but given that the first picture put me in mind of the wicked witch of the west, she was on my mind when I was reading. Ergo, the gratuitous reference that Sherry referred to caused me great angst.

  6. For a split second, that reminded me of a Roman viaduct. You may asked why, as I did. Your ice cream is a Rorschach drawing.

    Can you draw me some Roman Viaducts, please?

    • Why a duck? Viaducts! Reminds me of a Marx brothers routine. I thought of them as just arches in old castles. But I’ll try.


  7. Great drawings… !!! The second one is my favorite… but the letters are nice…

  8. I am truly following into my own pit of hallucinations. The more drawings I see, I keep looking for sexual innuendos and faces ….. thus a lot going on in that last drawing.

  9. Damn! What a marvelous imagination!

  10. trouble is – it’s all in my brain now 😉

  11. Off topic … Happy’s St. Patrick’s Day to all things Hansi.

  12. Hey, what do ya mean not great art. I disagree!

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