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Cashing In

Okay…I haven’t lost it and drawn all over my utility bill envelope like a total space cadet.  Nope.  The thing of it is: I don’t need that payment envelope from Southern California Edison (my electricity supplier) any more!   See, I don’t have to pay them.  They pay me!   Yep, $48 this month.  That’s cause, just like this blog, my house is an energy generating facility.

No shit!  That’s what my house officially is, according to Edison, ever since I had photo voltaic solar panels installed on my roof.  And because I generate more electricity than I use, they gotta pay me for what I put back into the grid.  Capitalism is sweet.  Having your electric company pay you is even sweeter.

Thanks to Arnold, our former Governor, the State of California and federal government paid for half of it, and recently mandated that any excess I generate I be paid for.   This is almost better than medical marijuana for those of us in the Golden State.

I’d tell ya more about it, but I gotta turn off my computer, it’s starting to get dark outside, and I don’t make no money at night.  This evening, the Wife and I are going to enjoy a candle-light dinner, and later I’ll be playing my guitar for entertainment.  In the dark of course.

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  1. Sorry Hansi, but that is not capitalism. You have your own little energy company there, bought, at least in part, by taxpayers at the force of government’s gun, rather like Solyndra. That is socialism.

    Oh well…at least ou are right in step with the Obama administration. You’ll be buying a Chevy Volt next…

    • Geez, one solar company goes belly up and you’d think the entire industry was a waste and fraud.

      Was this your perception towards the oil industry when BP flooded the gulf with their dirty oil after the tax payer had been subsidizing their profits as part of a $4 billion a year payola?

    • I don’t know what I was thinkin’. Must have been those three bong-hits before I wrote this one. Anyway, capitalism is when the government subsidizes big oil companies so they can have record profits and gouge us at the pumps at the same time. God forbid we become energy independent. Only problem with solar energy is: nobody owns the sun.


      • Nope…oil company subsidies…or agriculture subsidies, or any other corporate subsidies aren’t capitalism either. You’ll never hear me say otherwise as while I am conservative, it is constitutional conservatism, not conservatism RINO style.

        All subsidies are just one form of welfare or another, and more steps down the road to socialism.

  2. Well congrats on all the money you’re making. Now that you are in the 1%, perhaps you can send a bit trickling down to me. And I noted the gratuitous naked lady.

  3. Alright! You’re now The Man!

  4. Nice to get a little pocket change, especially from those dreaded utility bills.

    Looks like Adam and Eve, on the front of the envelope, are soaking up some sun in your front yard. The eyes of God are watching to make sure they don’t get anything started. Then again, they are naked…

  5. I always knew you were off the grid!

  6. i don’t know why americans are so freaked out about what they describe as socialism ? look where your firm (pun intended) belief in capitalism has got you. a bit of each works very well, just ask the rest of the world. btw. i’ve got the solar hot water and will be saving – organising to get the solar power. bloody fantastic idea, good one hansi … 😉

    • It’s only the right-wingers that are freaked out about ‘socialism’. The rest of us can’t wait to bask in the glory of Social Security and Medicare. Anyway, in the States, it’s really socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us. It stinks…bloody fuckers


      • Its not so much being anti or pro socialism…though I personally am on the anti side…as it is ignoring what is the law of the land, the constitution. If it is wrong, fine…change it. We have an amendment process…if you don’t like what the constitution says then change it, don’t ignore it.

      • “We have an amendment process…if you don’t like what the constitution says then change it, don’t ignore it.”

        No one is disagreeing with this premise Bob. But you have come charging into this conversation laying out wide-eyed claims about a program that helps both businesses and individuals. What specifically is you allegation that purports there has been an ignoring of the “law of the land”?

      • Spending federal tax dollars on subsidies…be they for big corporations like oil companies, agricultural companies, or favored “green” companies like Solyndra or for individuals, like Chevy Volt buyers or…like Hansi’s solar panels…is unconstitutional. The constitution is very limiting on what the government is limited to, and subsidies of any kind are not among government’s enumerated powers.

      • “Spending federal tax dollars on subsidies … is unconstitutional”


        There are inherent spending powers found in Article I sec. 8 of the constitution

        In 1936, the U. S. Supreme Court construed the Spending Power Clause as giving Congress broad power to spend for the general welfare (United States v. Butler, 297 U.S. 1, 56 S. Ct. 312, 80 L. Ed. 477). According to the Butler decision, under the Spending Power Clause Congress was not limited to spending money to carry out the direct grants of legislative power found elsewhere in the Constitution; rather, it could tax and spend for what it determined to be the general welfare of the country. Because Congress has discretion to determine what is the general welfare, no court since Butler has ever invalidated a federal spending program on the ground that the general welfare of the country was not being promoted. SOURCE

  7. Youe investment is off to a good start and I hope for continued success.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    How cool is that?!! Being paid to exist, to live, to use electricity or not. I admire you greatly. I wish I could afford to install some on my little home. I so would love not being a slave to the utility company!

    • I had solar panels installed in 2009. And did so for three reasons: Government incentives and tax credits; going as Green as I could go; and as a hedge against rising fuel/energy costs. It’s paying off. But most importantly, I’m more in tune with seasonal change and where the sun is in the sky at all times, and thereby living closer to nature and God herself 🙂


  9. So cool….that ws tried down here where we have a strong sun almost year around….but then Katrina came thru and most of the panels were found in Indiana….LOL

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