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My Point of View

Well, you better adjust your multi-cheeked ass-hats, cause it is time for some serious contemplation.  Everybody writes from one point of view or another, and mainly to express their point of view.  And boy there’s an abundance of view points out there; a bumper crop, from contraception to the government subsidizing your sex life.  [I’d personally like to see the latter, but wouldn’t get to many rebates in the mail at my age.  And I know what we could call it if the government actually did subsidize our non-procreational sexual activities: Fuck Stamps…Wonder where I could redeem em?].

That one slipped out.  But that’s my point of view on a subject; the view point of an old retired guy who thinks a lot of what’s going on is udder utter insanity.  And speaking of insanity (one of my Categories on the right), I thought I’d slip these babies in here.  How you see em is all a  matter of your point of view.



Comments on: "My Point of View" (22)

  1. Wow! Ballerina popcycles. Haven’t seen those … ever.

  2. My comment was ate. By that guy who is eating that clown no doubt. I am glad it’s friday. I am open-minded about most things, except politics, religion, history, literature, art, exercise, food, and one or two other things. I’m clearly in the wrong place.

  3. Ass hats very entertaining hansi

  4. From what I saw of the young lady, Sandra Fluke, she wasn’t asking the government to pay for the pill. She was asking for insurance companies to pay. Which, by the way, the pill is helpful for female-related health issues. No, I don’t agree that government should pay for college students to have sex but I think that’s how her words were twisted because in most people’s minds, the pill is only for birth control. Personally, I believe long-term use of birth control creates more problems than it prevents but that’s coming from someone who doesn’t trust a lot of what is supposed to be good for us. What good or bad changes frequently, so it’s a never-ending saga and 99% of us are caught in the middle.

    • That one was a little parody, tempered with a shit-load of sarcasm. That whole issue was no more than a right-wing distraction to keep us from thinking about how screwed over the Middle class is getting; wish the Republicans would just squeeze an aspirin between their lips. I’m with ya on long term use of the “Pill”. Fooling the body with chemicals for long periods of time is never good unless that substance is THC :) Alternative birth control has worked for my wife and I, and our twelve children, just fine.


  5. What is the exact definition of “ass hat?”

    • I couldn’t tell ya right now; I don’t have mine on presently.


      • I love the term because it seems like you can use it very broadly. I have the impression that the whence of the term is a person whose head is so far up his ass he’s wearing it like a hat. But why stop there?

      • A multipurpose ass hat is good; but traditionally they are what is worn when one’s head is up one’s rectum.


  6. Ass hats are clearly not only for shit heads. By the way, I want one!

    • Ass hats are probably readily available in Germany. Just don’t want to buy one from an Ass-hole.


  7. Interesting “binky?” Really fascinating stuff comes out of your pen. 🙂

  8. Fantastic drawing and some sense;)

  9. fuck stamps – which side are they supposed to be licked on and can i collect the hole series ?

  10. Hey Hansi, thanks for visiting my blog…and tempting me to take multiple looks at your off the edge posts. This one had me laughing out loud. Finally, a blog worth subscribing to! I lived in SoCal way too long (40 something years) before ditching it for the Midwest. Nice place to have lived in but I only want to visit it now. Anyhow, love your irreverence, cheekiness and goofball drawings! The politics ain’t bad either…

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