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“Listen Up!”

I always hated it when someone in a crowd shouted, “listen up”.  If I wanted to “listen up”, well then I’d stop bull-shitting and shut my mouth.  But obviously, because I wasn’t actively “listening up”, that meant I was much more into bull-shitting, and listening only to myself.  However, if the person yelling “listen up” was your Mom, then I did shut the fuck up.

Back in the Golden era of  Hansi’s Hallucinations ( I thought I’d link it to see if some readers  were mindlessly spaced out ; and click on my link only to have it return them to the start of this post and  re-reading the first part, only to brainlessly click on the link again and start over and over and over again.  Could be a trip getting locked into an endless mind-bending blog link-loop).

Anyway, for those few not stuck in a mindless blog link-loop, what I used to do was dream up some bullshit and then illustrate it.  Sometimes even the drawings were bullshit, and only remotely  illustrated what I was saying metaphorically.  Now, I’m drawing the illustrations first, and then having to come up with some B S as filler.   And with both approaches, at least one thing has remained constant.   Bullshit.

I wonder if you practiced yoga long enough, could ya stick one of your toes  into your nose?  Two would even be better. You’d have to be pretty limber to do that.

I’ve been doing a lot of ink drawings lately.  “Pen and Ink” is a medium unto itself.  Different techniques, cross-hatching, etc.  But when it comes right down to it, pencil drawing is just so fluid, and allows me a more softer, subtle line.

The top one is Ink, the bottom two, pencil.


Comments on: "“Listen Up!”" (27)

  1. Help!….How do you get out of this mindless blog link-loop?

  2. Okay, is this a joke? Is that woman brushing her teeth with an invisible toothbrush? I scratch my head a lot here. Are you infested with lice?

    • Hmmm…never thought of an invisible toothbrush; no lice.


    • Sherry, I drew a picture of an invisible woman using an invisible toothbrush. I thought it looked real, but no one I asked could tell me what it was supposed to be.

  3. “And with both approaches, at least one thing has remained constant. Bullshit.”

    Hey! That reminds me. I need to get my hands on some manure for my garden. Thanks Hans. 🙂

    Love how the ankle on the second picture approximates the face’s nose. Very clever.

  4. I dated a brazilian dancer and she could do a lot of things with her toes……(pause here for imagination to kick in)……..the 1st one looks like my ex when she was trying to make a point……i did not listen up!

    • Maybe that’s why she’s your Ex :) I hate listening too, especially if the ‘bad boy’ diatribe is on the way.


  5. I actually hovered over the link to see where it went, so I did not click it.

  6. I like all of the drawings but I can see the fluid motion you speak of with the pencil compositions…That woman in the kitchen up there won’t take any BS, so I’d cease all BSing if she told me to listen up.

  7. Pencil is probably a lot more fluent because there is no stress like pen and ink where an involuntary jerk or mis size or mis place in ink ruins the whole thing.

  8. I can’t get out of the blog link-loop. Somebody send out a search party.

  9. I’m congratulating myself for thinking “Wait, that link is for here.” I know. The bar isn’t set very high.

  10. The first drawing had me thinking “Why is the eastern European lady thinking about the Viking?” … but then I saw the foot … whoa! .. so it’s back to the blog-link loop.

  11. Had to return for a few loops.

  12. Love your limber sketching. My niece owns a yoga school. I’d send her your way, except she’s really, really religious. 🙂

  13. i’m sorry but i don’t have time to comment, i’m re reading the beginning of this post again 😉

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