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Comments on: "Squeezed Out Another One" (21)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yes. A wonderful message contained within this little post. You inspire me, hansi. Love the dancing woman. Are those two sets of boobs? Four are better than two?

  2. Freshly squeezed! Second one is reminiscent of Gerard Scarfe’s work for the movie The Wall…

  3. Is the first sketch a commentary on the whole contraception debate?

    • I don’t know. Maybe subliminally. The issue has taken on new interest since the economy’s started picking up.


  4. You ain’t gonna pick up no babes with that “hi, my name is Chuck” haircut.

  5. “One can never have too many boobs” overhead at a RNC meeting last night.

  6. well it’s good to see that you’re regular 😉 and busy

  7. Love the message in the first one, “stay with it and don’t give up” I’m gonna remember that 🙂

  8. I love that woman’s snooty expression. And hey, she can balance a pea on the end of her finger 😉

  9. I really like your style, the flow and the ink. Very nice!

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