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You were really “such an artist” or “so talented” as a kid after you learned how to add perspective to your drawings.  It may have been the 7th grade or so, but when ya had that vanishing point thing down with all the straight lines connecting to it, then all manor of cool stuff could happen, like big block letters in ‘3-D’, or endless pictures of railroad tracks or telephone poles going into the distance.

So, revisiting the whole perspective thing was a natural in my on-going attempt to re-live my youth.  Don’t ask me what this one was all about.  Too much Albrecht Durer woodcuts maybe; everybody in his prints had wings.  So maybe this my version of  the ‘With Child” when Madonna was off doing her Super Bowl gig.

But putting blasphemy aside, perspective has another connotation, and that of seeing things from a distance as to get a larger view.  [Hey, that’s just like in drawing].  And maybe that’s what I need to do in order to see things more clearly; see ’em in a larger context.  Sounds kinda “spacy”, but in Buddhism, having a spacious mind is something to strive for.  With a spacious mind, one can behold things and not be overwhelmed, because they are seen from the larger perspective of impermanence, constant change and their relationship to suffering: clinging onto that which cannot be clung onto.

To illustrate my point (couldn’t leave that one alone), I’ve posted the above drawing.   What does it look like?  A turban-headed woman with a man’s face up her blouse, or a man’s face with a turban-headed woman growing out of it? Depends on your perspective.

Seen in long-term cycles, things become less distressing.  The GOP primary circus: it’s just another Goldwater moment.  The economy: it’ll recover.  The Stock Market: it’ll go back up to 15000 and crash.  The current President of the United States:  Racism hasn’t died, it was just restin’ up.  As the Bible says: ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’   Just the same old shit recycling itself again, and again, and again.


Comments on: "Putting Things into Perspective" (20)

  1. That’s the nature of our universe. But give it some time: 13 and someting billion is quite young.

  2. The background says they must be a great circus act of some sort. Madonna with child looks more like Madonna with too much ice cream in the diet.

  3. Perspectives! The only perspective that matters is mine. I don’t like forests but like trees. How’s that? Are those eyes or nipples? Oh I think perspective is just confusing. I’m old. Confusion is part of my day. Stop adding more. Please. Okay.

    • No…it’s my perspective that truly matters. We live in confusing times; might as well revel in em.


  4. Let’s see you do something with two vanishing points! That will really confuse the perspective.

  5. I happened upon an excellent description of a Yuga: Imagine a mountainous object, a mile high, a mile wide, a mile deep and then imagine that once a century you can polish one corner for ten minutes. The time it will take for the Yuga to end is the same as it will for that mountain to become a pebble.

  6. Vanishing points…ahhh..my least favorite art lesson. There’s no end to the right side of your brain. Not to diminish the left but the art is always intriguing to me, in addition to the dialogue of course.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I often wish that I could get far, far away so that I could get some perspective. But it’s difficult. It’s right up in my face these days. One day I’ll just stop looking at and reading the news.

    • Sometimes taking a few deep breaths helps.


      • Snoring Dog Studio said:

        Actually, last evening after work, I just got drunk. First time in almost 20 years. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

      • Getting blasted often seems like a good idea at the time. it’s the next morning where perspective comes in and hits ya in the head with a hammer. Guess that’s why they also call it ‘getting hammered’.


  8. Terrance H. said:

    Booze gives me perspective.

    Nice art, too. I still maintain you would be an awesome comic book illustrator.

  9. It is a man having a mescaline trip! Or maybe it is acid!

    No matter where you go, there you are…..

  10. Sure it’s all perspective … including a man wearing a hat of a lady with a turban that looks like someone else shooting the moon.

  11. well, all i can see is a bottom on the tent roof 😉 i think that says more about me ..

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