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Trying Something New

OK, I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it has something to do with trying something new.  Hence the title of this post.  Now when ya try something new, it’s best to proceed with an abundance of caution.  That’s because there’s inherent danger in something that hasn’t been tried and true.  It can come around and bite ya in the ass.

When I was a probation officer, that’s what I did all day was bite people in the ass.  That’s when, of course,  I wasn’t  jumping in their shit.  Interesting metaphors for what I did for thirty years as a career.  I really don’t like to call my three decade sojourn in Corrections a “career”, because jumping in shit and biting asses was never what I wanted to do all my life when I grew up.

The one thing I learned as a bureaucrat, besides finding that biting people in the ass could be fun, is having your own ass bitten was Not!  That’s why I covered mine at all  times.  And the best way to keep your ass covered, was not with one off them little paper toilet seat ‘ass-gaskets’ provided in the restroom (as a reminder?), but by never trying something new.   Especially if it wasn’t addressed in the Field Manuel Manual.

See there’s no risk taking in Corrections.  It’s the ‘clients’ that take all the risks..Not me.  In fact, we even categorize folks by their degree of risk: seriousness of their crime, prior record and history of violence.  Kinda like a Richter Scale for fucked-up people.

But…No risk, no reward! Boy that’s sure true when it comes to investing in the Stock Market.  I know some folks that “put their money to work”  in the Market.  And they got rewarded by losing half of their 401K’s in the 2008/2009 crash.  Ouch!  Talk about being bitten in the ass.

Anyway, I’m trying something new with my drawing.  Hard to explain, but it has to do with creating depth and a sense of space.  Don’t say it: “Why Hansi, your stuff is deeply spaced-out already.”

Well maybe.   The thing is, when trying something new, there’s always gonna be set-backs and failures.  However, if ya see em as lessons [not “I’m never gonna do that again”  mega-bite lessons], a lot can be gained.  Why risk Not getting the reward?   Gotta give it a try; at least once.


Comments on: "Trying Something New" (28)

  1. Well, she’s got all her clothes on at least. That’s an improvement. I guess I’m out of my depth on the depth thing. Deptually speaking. Which is actual the abbreviation for department with a th on the end. Which is highly unusual. I can do this just by thinking about it. This strung on stream of neuronic misfirings. It’s a gift. What can I say.

  2. To be bitten or to bite. One of those slices of life.

  3. Top one looks like 60’s retro and it’s good. The 3-D look on lattice work second one caught my eye immediately. Now this one seems 20’s art deco.

    • You’re right on. The top one does have a R. Crumb look…”keep on truckin'”, and I do like art-deco a lot.


  4. Your work is always an amazing visual journey

  5. somehow it looks like she’s been run over by a car or a truck 😉

    • Wasn’t really thinkin’ tire tracks, but what the heck do I know, the drawing just kinda emerged


  6. First one looks like one toke over the line…..I love it!

    Second one looks like an oversexed Valkyrie looking for a double jointed (wink wink) warrior to take to the hinterland (wherever the hell that is)…….

    • The first on actually took more than one toke to get over that line. By “Hinterland”, if you’re referring to what’s at the end of the Hersey Highway”, well all I can say is ‘That’s not my way’. 🙂


  7. Love the second drawing.

    Is that me? !!! XX

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Perspective, on or off the paper, is always a good thing to develop. Nice art here, hansi!

  9. I thought R. Crumb right away too but then I stuck around for a while to check out a few more. I like your artwork and your attitude. Wotta background. I’ll be back.

  10. Delightful illustrations as always!

  11. First seeing the opening drawing one doesn’t think of either direction of ass biting – well, it actually made me think of Alice the Goon from the old Popeye cartoons.

  12. I was thinking R Cumb too, I just couldn’t remember his name- just the art.

  13. Very 60’s – loving it

  14. Is that your signature at the bottom of the last one or is it a drawing of a transvestite flashing?

    • Oh my gawd…I didn’t even see that one myself. Guess it’s always good to see what ya sign.


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