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With its multitude of uses, it’s no wonder that Aspirin is a true “wonder drug”.


Comments on: "Aspirin" (21)

  1. All the rage over the joke(it’s 50 years old). Misogyny, anti women’s rights/health and so forth. They all missed the point. The aspirin thing is a reference to a time when people took responsibility for their actions and had the self control not to engage in practices with negative consequences and did not expect “society” to pay for their screw-ups. Great sketch.

    • I agree with ya on the personal responsibility issue. I just can’t believe that old Santorum Geezer would say that shit on National TV. We are in the 21st century, not 1958 🙂


    • I didn’t take the comment offensively either. Although I wasn’t aware the joke dating back that far, I thought took it as the speaker saying to look at all these other problems we have and here we are talking about contraception. However, I do believe Santorum has made some idiotic statements and he’s not joking.

  2. Oh I saw it for what it was, a patronizing old shit who would like to return to a time THAT NEVER WAS except in his own mind, and that of most of the teanuts that think the same thing.

  3. Love that drawing, by the way. Those thighs can be a form of birth control actually.

  4. I love it. What a perfect example of a picture being worth a thousand words.

  5. In this case the obese picture was worth around 2500 words, actually.

  6. ok….. I’m trying to think here….. if a guy puts an aspirin between his legs…. he can’t impregnate anyone? Or does HE have to use advil?

  7. Great sketch … meanwhile, can’t add more than what has been said above.

  8. 😆 Those are some thick thighs.

  9. Great drawing….thunder thighs….love it!

  10. wow, that would be one squashed aspirin .. tremendous imagery 😉

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