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Valentines Day

There is indeed, no rest for the wicked.  My gawd, I’ve just recovered from Christmas and now another “Holiday” rolls around, and I gotta run out and buy something.  Am I sure glad that Martin Luther King’s birthday doesn’t require gifts or worse yet greetings cards.  I can just see me now sending my black Buddie a MLK  day card:  “Thinking of you on your special day…Enjoy your new-found freedoms”.  But then again maybe the whole MLK thing is about no longer buying things, in this case black people.

OK, so I gotta run out and buy flowers and a card today, cause I don’t want to be a bad boy and eat some shit while having to stay in the dog-house for a while.

The only good thing about getting older, and having a whole lot less testosterone to propel ya through life, is that the old vaginal wrench seems to have loosened it’s grip on ya.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against Valentines Day, in fact I’m basically all for it.  I mean it don’t get much better than that guy Cupid (who makes you stupid) running around and shootin’ folks in the ass, smiting them with lust and passion.  Damn….he oughta have a blog; bet he’d get a lot of comments.

Nope….All that is just fine with me.  Maybe even, the world would be a much better place if everyone spent more time actually screwin’, rather than trying to be in charge of who gets to screw who. Phew….(few?).  But what gets me about V D (Valentines Day that is), is that inorder for the day to be meaningful, you got to spend money.  And the more money ya spend, well the more “meaningful’ the day will be, and therefore the appreciation of your meaningfulness will be.  Sounds like love for sale.

Well I don’t want everybody to think I’m just a grumpy ol’ codger, so here’s my greetings to you on this “special’ day.


Comments on: "Valentines Day" (26)

  1. I see cupid is a butt man….kudos!

  2. So glad you stopped by, I think I’m going to enjoy your blog! 😉 have a great day!

  3. I hear the new Cupid Guy’s got testosterone and estrogen in that arrow this year. Some folks are gonna get real lucky tonight, pending the dollar value of the gift of course.

    • And I hope to be among them lucky folks. As they say, “You get what ya pay for”. That didn’t sound right 😦


  4. You and my husband ought to get together so you can whine. Don’t get him started about the evils of blood diamonds–his excuse for not ever buying me jewelry. I don’t understand the first two pictures too well, but I think I’m offended. With you, it’s always safe to be offended. That is usually a safe bet. Happy hearts and go buy something!

    • I’d love to get together with the Contrarian for some wine. And, I did rush out and buy the Wife a dozen red roses this morning. The first two drawings really have nothing to do with VD (valentines day).


  5. I was gonna make a comment about how disappointed I was to no get an MLK JR day card, when I got a nice message:

    “The web resource https://hansishallucinations.wordpress.com has been deemed by your administrator to be unsafe or unsuitable for you to access. The resource has been blocked. No further action is required.”

    I had to use my iPhone to leave this comment. You are officially unsuitable for appropriate audiences. Congratulations! Happy Valentines Day!

  6. ‘Love for sale’ – just like any other day then.

  7. I can’t believe Homeland Security hasn’t apprehended this terrorist Cupid fellow.

  8. Say no to vd day! 🙂

  9. Just tell your lover that buying VD stuff is for those who’ve run out of imagination. Don’t see any of that round here 🙂

  10. Starting with Christmas, the next 14 weeks delivers Valentine’s Day, 2 birthdays, and an anniversary – thus we may be exchanging some presents in July this year.

    But wait – an idea – Valentine’s Day cards by Hansi – and what an infomercial it would be! Hansi – you could make millions!

    • I sure hope you saved up some cash for all them “special” days coming up. HMMM valentine cards, gotta think about that one, could be an opportunity for some good wholesome mayhem.


  11. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Miraculously, I lived through VD without seeing a single incidence of bauble buying and chocolate giving. Seems that everyone I work with had mates and partners who were on the cheap this year.

  12. Hansi,
    You are an incurable romantic. Your wife must feel so lucky.

  13. We should be able to buy cards designed by YOU in our stores. 🙂

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