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My 200th Post

“Wowie-Zowie Hansi.  Congratulations.”   “I’m a big fan of yours and read your shit every-time it’s deposited in my mail box.  Keep up the good work; love the drawings btw.”

I know, “big fucking  deal”.  Writing about the fact that one has been compulsive enough to crank-out  200 (that’s right Two Hundred !) posts and mange to say nothing of true importance, let alone anything profound, is an exercise in egomania and self absorption [kinda sounds like something more akin to an adult diaper than mind state].

So why am I writing about the fact that I’ve turned 200 today?  Well, because I ain’t got shit. Yep… No big Ideas for new posts.  Nothing to say.  Although technically, writing about nothing is really the antithesis of writing about nothing, cause in reality you are wring about Something, it’s just that the something is nothing.  On some level that makes sense.  Anyway, I got a whole bunch of drawings I’ve never posted before and wanna show them off.  Hey, I ain’t just sitting around the house doing nothing.

So, using the tried and true Bloggers trick on how to squeeze out a post when ya don’t have one, I’ll use this opportunity to rant about this whole 200th post thing.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep track of how many posts I’ve done on a little piece of paper filled hash-marks.  Nope WordPress tells me how many I’ve done every time I ‘publish’ something.  That’s cool, cause sometimes I forget to put a hash-mark down on my special piece of paper I keep next to my key-board.

But now, WordPress is setting goals for me and providing a little sliding chart with my next goal [in this case 200] clearly visible, which I need to achieve.  But isn’t it good to have goals?  Hell no.  Not if you’re retired.  Damn, if you be retired, you’ve already hit the big goal; which was to no longer  have any goals.  I don’t like things to be forced upon me.  And that especially goes for societal ‘norms’ or expectations.   And I don’t like the subtle WordPress encouragement for me to continue in compulsive behavior, in this case blogging.

Anyway, sure glad I got that off my chest, and also snuck in a no-brainer post.  But since my Hallucinations are turning more into a drawing blog, I thought I’d let my art-work speak for me instead of words.

OK OK!  I know some of these drawings are a little “Questionable”.  But consider also, maybe you have a dirty mind and are seeing more than what’s really there.  I mean like, if you’re seein’ penises and vaginas instead of Zeppelin airships and yawning teddy-bears, well shame on you.  The guy in the picture (me) is bailing  from any such notion.

A fist coming out of a man’s crotch?  A metaphor maybe.  Or maybe, I  just got the anatomy all wrong.  But I got to admit, it’s pretty hard not to see dominoes going up someone’s kiester in the last one.  But it was originally drawn for my post “The Hershey Highway,”  which is definitely not my way. so those a really little chocolate bars.


Comments on: "My 200th Post" (29)

  1. Hansi, your suggestion of penises and vaginas in the first picture never occured to me – honestly.

    Well done on reaching the 200, you’re way ahead of me.

    • The power of compulsive behavior. But you’ve got me beat with three blogs; one inactive, but still three!!!


  2. Hey, when I got to the drawing of the butt and what looks like dominoes(I thought they were bricks-ya know shittin’ bricks) I guffawed. You made my day. Thanks.

  3. Same here, until you mentioned it, I saw no vagina and no penis, and was almost about to congratulate you on a post without tits and ass. So that is out. So, about your 200 posts–big fucking deal.

    Well you said….


  4. I thought the Hershey highway drawing was a metaphor of your retirement and those were gold bricks!

  5. Oh come on. Don’t tell me I’m the only one that saw a penis a woman’s vagina in the first picture. Seriously ? 🙂

    “But I got to admit, it’s pretty hard not to see dominoes going up someone’s kiester in the last one.”

    I actually thought they were going the other direction and had something to do with fiber-excessive bowel movements.

  6. Congrats. Keep up the production. I have been fortunate- flurry of ideas but it ain’t easy. I do kinda like nasty phone calls with people screaming about it has been 2 days without a new post.

    • Seriously, it’s hard to keep coming up with fresh stuff. Having a dirty mind helps for me 🙂


  7. Your sister Heidi said:

    Keep up the good work. I love your drawings, even if I do have to look twice.
    Speaking of doing nothing: I talk to a friend of mine on the phone regularly and she asked me what I was doing. I said, “Nothing.” And she said, “You did that yesterday.” I answered: “I wasn’t finished`”

  8. Congrats, Hansi!

    Confession: I didn’t get to the vagina cos I was too busy looking at one of your love rockets (oooops … I mean the drawings of them).

    Also, I thought the guy was shitting blog posts of course!

    • I guess that post was loaded with too many scatological and erotic images for one mind to handle 🙂


  9. A great look at a milestone post. As you know, I occasionally do posts about numbers, but 200 hasn’t been one of them. Meanwhile, the bricks out the ass immediately came to mind, but the sexual connotations on the opening pic did not – and the hell with WP’s continually moving goals. After all, I recall someone giving me advice of ignore the damn numbers.

    Congrats on the milestone! Will you dedicate a post to me when I reach 1K?

  10. I took it the guy was shittin’ bricks.

    I like the writing and the drawings, by the way. You should keep them both as goals for your blog now that you’re retired.

  11. Terrance H. said:


  12. bloom’n well done hansi – although i’d suggest you see a proctologist .. 😉

    • I am! that time of the year is rollin’ round again…digital rectal exam. Too bad the “digit” involve ain’t megapixels 🙂


  13. Happy 200! Fun sketches, etc. 🙂

    And thanks for your fun contribution to last week’s Limerick-Off and for your amusing comments on my political blog as well!

  14. Congratulations. I guess you showed all those naysayers that Hansi hasn’t lost it.

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