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Crayola Friday

Well, the three year old grandson was over last Tuesday.  The Wife (aka Grandma) and I provide child care for our daughter two days a week.  The other two and a half days he spends in Pre-School, while his older brother attends 3rd grade.

Pre-School, what a concept.  Babysitting that helps (teaches?) little kids how to get ready for school by following instructions, being quiet and not soiling themselves.  Maybe it’s kinda what “pre-retirement’ was for me  the last  year of my career as a crime fighter:  I was learning how to be retired by not doing  jack shit at work.

Anyway, there was no such thing as ‘pre-school’ for us working class kids growing up in the fifties.  All I remember is my mother dropping me off at this place called kindergarten one day, and me totally freaking out.  What the hell did my mother do to me? Needless to say, I hated the next twelve years that followed.  College wasn’t so bad.  At least there,  you only had to be in class, when there was class, and sometimes that was even optional.  The rest of the time was basically yours to do as you please; which in the sixties was: drinking beer, smokin’ a little weed and desperately trying to get laid.

Back to what this is supposed to be all about.  It’s really different around the house when the three year old gets dropped off.  Definitely a different kind of energy from the ‘grueling  pace’  that usually goes on in the Hansi household.  Well, he got into the crayons again, and had a very productive day.  I was later looking at his work, and noticed he’s moving on from just scribbling and starting to draw some primitive figures.  Not bad.   All they needed was a little ‘touch-up’.  So I added my own hallucinogenic brand of Photoshop, and here’s  some of the results.


Comments on: "Crayola Friday" (23)

  1. Pre school? My pre school was working in the steel mill AND part timing at the gas station when I was 3. Or so it seems.

  2. Drinking beer and desperately trying to get laid (I never did the smokin’ bit), that brings back memories, especially the getting laid.

  3. Hmmmph, I had to walk to kindergarden! Nobody “dropped me off”. I guess I was abused. And the child seems to have some real talent. But then, I’m no expert, but I am an art critic, in my spare time.

    • It was just the first day that I was walked to kindergarten by my mother. Like you, I was on my own from there on.


  4. ” All I remember is my mother dropping me off at this place called kindergarten one day, and me totally freaking out. “

    I can still recall doing that same thing but then being amazed later how I enjoyed my time there once I knew some of the other “abandonees” and playing games most of the day.

  5. My 3rd grader is master at IPad….she makes movies, surfs and such so when I need help with my tablet I go staright to her….

  6. Absolutely love these sketches

  7. Everybody’s doing preschool now. That first day of kindergarten was horrific for me too. Such a big building and all those strange people, eating in this huge space of loud children… I wasn’t quite prepared for all that. Preschool’s a real good thing.

  8. Love the drawings. You’re a good team.

  9. Kindergarten seemed to be something new and exotic when I started. It was just a block away and not in a school building. I liked getting out of the house and I really loved finger painting. Maybe you should introduce your grandson to some new media choices.

  10. An artist’s co-op! Inspired.

  11. i’m really looking forward to post school – i.e retirement 😉

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