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Lets Color

Boy!  there was nothing better than getting a new coloring book when I was a kid.  Except, when ya also got one of them really big Crayola boxes with 64 different crayons.  None of this cheapo skinny-ass little box of 12 crap.  that may have kept Little Hansi tantrum-free when he was three, but it didn’t cut it when I was older.  Nope, with one of them big boxes you had all the colors in the world.  My favorite color was “flesh”.  With that one you could do people real good.  I mean how are ya gonna color people if you only have some  basics like yellow, brown, black and white?  Can’t be done.

Now, Disney coloring books were for babies, unless you got a Davey Crockett one, or something with pirates.  What better to stifle creativity in kids, not to mention do a little social engineering to breed conformity, than to give em a bunch of art supplies, but tell them they got to stay within the lines in order for it to be good.  No sloppy work allowed.  Maybe that’s why I went on to something else after filling in a few of the coolest pages.  [But coloring books sure got me primed to be a government worker, and crime-fighter extraordinaire.  Just show up, stay within the lines, and scribble it in with some bullshit.]

Well, anyway, I had this big flash.  I’ve got all these ink drawings laying around, just sitting there in black n white.  Why don’t I go back and ‘colorize’ them, kinda like they did with old silent movies, except instead of using digits, I’ll use some colored pencils.  Trippy.

So these are a few of my coloring book pages.  Got to admit I tried to stay in the lines.  But it was more fun that way cause I didn’t have to think, I just had to color.


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  1. In elementary school we did 2 special things with crayons. Melt crayon over candle and made drip picture and drew geometric on sheet very coarse sandpaper.

  2. I remember taking blank paper and coloring all colors, then using black crayon on top and using this subtractive method for making scratch boards. I made my own paper dolls too with notebook paper. Not as nice as the store-bought ones, with mine having the wide line rules in their faces.

  3. Rules: stay with the lines, start at the front and go forward. I was so anal. Still am about too many things. Sigh…

  4. Nice colors…but I was expecting more day glow and extreme colors like hot pink, lime, cantaloupe…oh sorry….was looking at the color samples from, Lowe’s…….

  5. Technicolour Hansi, whatever next? They are good though.

  6. Hansi,
    I’m disappointed. After all these years and you are still coloring within the lines. Sure, they are your lines but why should you respect any lines?

  7. Question–when you draw in black and white do you visualize the picture in color? Or when you colorized your drawings did you just grab crayons like you did when you were little?

    PS–My favorite coloring book thing was those ones with the dots that turned color when you painted them with water. It was a guaranteed way to stay within the lines (which was never my strong suit).

    • No. these were first and foremost ink drawings; color was an afterthought. I liked the dot/water coloring books too.


  8. Colourise hansi! It’s good to go over old drawings 🙂

  9. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Sounds very relaxing, actually. I’ve got a ton of pencil drawings but they’ve been used for watercolors. It might be fun to go back and color them in, too!

  10. Colouring in … what a relaxing pastime. They look great.

  11. Hey … your choice of colors is impressive. Meanwhile, in case you haven’t seen this.


  12. I have very different memories of coloring. My parents got called into school when I was in kindergarten. They were told I was a behavior problem because I refused to color within the lines. I was forced to practice coloring, which I couldn’t do because I couldn’t see the damn lines.

    Nobody noticed how severely nearsighted I was for another couple of years.

  13. i didn’t have crayons when i was young, just a sharp knife and a wiliness to use it 😉 the colours look great – very cool and bring dimension to your drawings.

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