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As you may have noticed, I’ve been featuring a lot of my drawings lately.  Typical responses (from those not totally disgusted by ’em) are:  “How talented”, or “I wish that I could draw”.  Well, you can, and I’m gonna give you a little tutorial so you to can draw just like Hansi.

When I was a kid in the fifties, my first learn to draw book was “Learn to Draw” by Jon Gnagy.  It was a step by step book on how to end up drawing like him.  He even had a TV show where you could draw along with him.  My other source of inspiration was  the inside of matchbook covers, where there was often an illustration for you to copy, send in with some money, and if good enough, win some sort of scholarship.  I was too busy playing with fire back then to pursue that one; usually ended up burning the whole matchbook up.   [ How many matches in a matchbook?  20…the same number as  in a pack of cigarettes.  What a co-inky-dink].

So let’s get stared.  First, get yourself a pencil and some paper.  Second, and here’s the most important part, get yourself properly medicated.  How on earth are ya gonna draw at your best if not medicated?  When I was fighting crime and had a “mental health” caseload, my mentally ill probationers functioned only as well as their medication compliance.  So if proper medication will keep a schizophrenic on the right side of the law, proper medication can also help ya  learn to draw.  [Cool slogan , sounds like something Jessie Jackson would say, flawed logic notwithstanding]. That’s my little secret to artistic success.  So, assuming you’ve just gotten highly slightly medicated, close your eyes, conjure up a vision of your choice (they just happen naturally with the right medication) and copy it.   That’s what I do.

Listening to good music while drawing is also important.  If you’re into classic rock, stay with Led Zeppelin, and try to avoid Black Sabbath.  Ozzy gives me the creeps when medicated, and I get so paranoid listening to him that my visions kinda stray over to the dark side.

Pen and ink vs. pencil.  That’s were ya gotta make a choice of medium.  The medium you chose, and don’t confuse medium with small, large or extra-large, effects the look and outcome of your drawing.  The first three of mine were done in ink (tends to show up better), while the one over there    >>> is a pencil drawing.  Can ya see the difference?  Well I can’t either to tell the truth, but pencil gives ya a softer line, And, you can erase it easily when ya screw-up, as I occasionally do.

Well boys and girls, it’s a simple as that.  Just close your eyes, wait till ya see something really strange, then draw it as fast as you can before you forget.  And before ya know it, you too will be filling your blog with wonderful illustrations from a rich fantasy life.   Sure beats politics.


Comments on: "Learn to Draw" (24)

  1. Jon Gnagy was my hero. I had his drawing kit too He had a 5 minute show on Saturday mornings I think.

  2. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and high levels of drugs does explain most of your drawings. I kind of thought we were on the same wave length.

    • Hmmm. I really don’t use ‘drugs’, but organically grown herbal medications, as recommended by a doctor for the compassionate relief of pain and suffering which is legal in California, and something else all together different. That’s the wave length I’m on 🙂


  3. You know what I hate? Is people who can draw telling me I can draw when I sure as hell can’t. I dabble with oils and color, and blending, and I never attempt to draw anything. I can maybe do a bit of that “happy little tree” shit, but that’s about all. I’m a Jackson Pollack. It’s art because I say it is. Oh I just have a thing about Pollack. Did I spell his name wrong? I’m too lazy to check. I’m calling DEA.

    • So you’re a painter. Pollack was great and broke some new ground in the fifties even though everyone thought “Oh I can do that”.


  4. The picture of the hand drawing the woman is a masterpiece–sort of Led Zeppelin meets MC Escher.

  5. haha, love mr hairy legs with the massive … peplum, and the gun.

  6. I enjoyed that. That medication and hard rock sounds like a pretty good idea. Would KISS be recommended to listen to while I’m in this euphoric state?

  7. I disagree….NOTHING is better than politics! LOL

    • It’s obvious that you haven’t had sex in a while. It’s still good btw :) But maybe politics is just a different kind of sex; sure seems like there’s a slew of idiots out there ready to screw us over.


  8. Alert – Millions of dollars are waiting in the wings because “Learn to Draw Like Hansi” seems like the perfect series to sell on an infomercial.

  9. Perhaps the reason I struggle as an artist is that I like that black Black Sabbath?

  10. Back in the day, they would play Dave Brubeck for my life drawing classes.

  11. Terrance H. said:

    LOL @Lobotero.

    Very cool, Hansi.

    Ever considered drawing for comics?

  12. LOVE IT! I love the fact you can show the world your mind, I usually shy away from that these days as I fear I may be sectioned……looking forward to more lessons!

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