mind expanding nonsense

In my ongoing schizophrenic attempt to decide if this should be a humor blog vs. a straight-up art blog, I present for public consummation consumption, a couple of my latest hallucinations.  I’m dieting right now.  Wonder if that had any influence on the subject matter?

OK…I know; everything is totally out of proportion, but that’s one of the perks ya get when drawing in an altered mind state. Also, in America, bigger is always better and more is what we depend upon; unless of course you’re a Tea Party Republican and it comes to government, then less is always more.   And furthermore, I don’t have any life models to draw from; none of this stuff ever prances around my living-room. I call her “Submarine Sandwich Lady”, and I was sure hoping that she’d stop by my house, cause I had the munchies.  Actually I’m starving. Sugar-pea pods , as healthy and beneficial as they are, just ain’t as satisfying as Sub loaded with greasy-ass cold cuts and cheese _ hold the olives.


Comments on: "Serving Up A Couple Of Hot Ones" (27)

  1. Diet schmiet. No ice cream, no cake or pastry and only 3 sodas a week in 10 weeks lost 2 pounds. Just 2 friggin pounds. Been pumping iron like Swartzenwhateverhisname-ex Cal gov too. Went and got 2 gallons of Belgian chocolate last night. Screw it. I ain’t dying of misery.

  2. Your ink drawings are always so clean.

    I dream about food when I’m trying to cut back. I wouldn’t mind having a couple bites of that sub myself. Being a softcore vegetarian, I’m hungry all the time.

  3. Looks like somebody didn’t get enough breast-feeding as a baby. Teehee. Oh you are way cool…..just make fun when it strikes ya, and draw when it strikes ya, and combine the two when it strikes ya. It’s yours. Think of it as your psychiatrist. You do have one yes? ;P

    • No psychiatrist, but I am gonna see my special doctor who specializes in pain relief and end of suffering next week for his recommendation as to what will cure all my ills 🙂


  4. In my estimation, you’ve got talent both as a writer, a graphic designer and an artist. Hence, you have the basic requirements for a lifetime poetic and artistic license. Do what you feel good about.

  5. Good luck with the diet–here is the music that your Subway delivery lady will be playing when she arrives:

  6. i’ve noticed that breasts feature highly in your drawings, either subtle or in your face .. maybe the diet will sharpen this none too subtle fetish. but drumsticks are good as well 🙂

  7. Good luck with the diet…. go easy on those nipples ;D

  8. Hey – I like the new direction – ah crap … it direction doesn’t matter because it is the dementedness that matters!

  9. trailtrekker46 said:

    Hansi, although I envy your artistic ability I do prefer your sense of humour.

    I too am dieting or to be more precise exercising at the gym in a bid to lose 20 lbs in order to tick off number 1 on my bucket list.


    • Does number two wait until number one is finished?

    • Bill…Good for you, and at our age it can be done. In fact, I’m finding that via strenuous exercise, and watching my diet (low fat, low carbohydrates) that not only am I losing weight, but feeling better and have more energy.


      • trailtrekker46 said:

        I agree Hansi, it’s a mixture of exercise, watching what you eat (and at what time of night) and cutting down on the beer and wine.

        I was feeling in terrible condition a few weeks ago and decided to do something about it. Like you I do feel much better already.

  10. Hansi,
    Why don’t you go down to Subway with your sketchbook and draw real subway ladies from life?

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