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A Couple a Visions



Comments on: "A Couple a Visions" (21)

  1. hahaha, okay which one ya gonna go with?

  2. Lets have an explanation of what you are up to Hansi – health, vision, training programme, no alcohol (what!, that is drastic), new endeavour, planning? I’m intrigued.


    • Hey Bill…I turn 65 in February and want to feel good. Only way to do that, for me, is to get back into better shape and watch the old diet.


  3. Now you’ve got ME confused!

  4. Clean and sober 10 years Mar 2. Best thing that ever happened to me mentally as well as physically. Many people drink to reward themselves after a tough week(which easily evolves to after a rough day) to reward themselves. I figured out that why would I be so stupid as to think putting poison into my body was a reward. In all these years I shoulda did like that old commercial and “had a V-8.

    • Congratulations, ten years…that’s an achievement. I’m not dealing with sobriety issues but more so health and getting back into excellent conditioning. If i drink booze (usually wine) at night I don’t sleep well, and therefore don’t train as hard at the gym. Alcohol just isn’t worth the extra empty calories. Now dark chocolate, well that’s something else again.


  5. I’ve been lightening up on the wine-o-rama too, keeping it to just a little on the weekends. It helps me to stay on my theoretical morning routine, half an hour of running, and 45 minutes of drawing.

  6. the more i read about getting into shape the more i know that i should, i will .. although i’m going to have to start slowly .. 🙂 thanks hansi

    • The trick, at least for me, was getting the mind in the right place, and I’m not talking about my favorite medication. The reward is feeling better, having more energy and a positive mind state.


  7. Good luck Hansi. This is encouraging because I am at the stage of my life where I need to better coordinate what I eat, exercise and staying mentally active to ensure better health as I get older.

    • It can be done! I’m at that stage too. I turn 65 in late February (Ah Medicare) but I’ve realizes, and am finding that via strenuous exercise and proper diet, I’m comin’ back: more energy, more positive an attitude, and a general sense of well being instead of decline. Good luck on your fitness plans. It really does work, even at our age 🙂


  8. Nothing like confusion through humor … or is it humor through confusion?

    Something in that last drawing REALLY caught my eye … but is that Sarah?

    • Humor, confusion. It’s all the same. Nope, no Sarah; I don’t know how I could have left her out.


  9. Hansi,
    I think you should stick with humor. This serious stuff is just not your style.

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