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My Alaskan Getaway

A few years ago, before I retired, I treated myself to a little indulgence. I spent three weeks alone, in a cabin by a lake, in Alaska. It was one of those times when ya just had to get away. From everything. I had too get my head straight. I was contemplating retirement in 2004, and saw it as a real possibility. After thirty years, I wanted to get the hell out of the Probation Department! And after crunching some numbers, could do it.  But I needed to do some thinking first.

I knew retiring kinda early at age 57, would be a massive adjustment and major lifestyle change. So it was off to Alaska with the wife’s blessing, for some serious fishing, and serious contemplation. Having that time alone and just being with my ‘self’ was great. I eventually came to the conclusion that retirement could to be an adventure. But most importantly, mean freedom. Freedom to do what I wanted to do; or not do, if I so chose.

After three weeks of solitude, my mind was made up. Upon returning home, I was gonna pull the plug on fighting crime and forever hang up my badge; tell the boss where he could shove my caseload, and that would be that. Well, a couple of days before I was going to leave this paradise, I heard a knock on my cabin door. Now ya gotta keep in mind that I was out in the middle of nowhere, without electricity, with no other people, (supposedly) near-by. So a knock on my door came as a shock.

I opened the door to find this huge “Grizzly Adams” type of guy outside. Must have been one of the locals. So I asked him in and told him that I was a little shocked to learn there were other people living up here. He said there were, but few and far between.  He then asked me if I wanted to come over to his cabin the next evening for a ‘little get together’ he was having.

I didn’t know about that, but hey! Retirement was going to be about new adventures. This would be a good chance to meet some other free-spirits who were living off the grid, and find out what their experience was like. What the hell. I told him I’d come, and got some general directions on how to get to his cabin.

I better tell ya” he said, “There may be some heavy drinking going on”.

Well I hadn’t had a drop since I was up there, and thought, maybe a ‘little nip’ would hit the spot. So I told him that’s  fine with me.

I gotta tell ya”, he said again, “There may be some rough sex”.

Wow. Wasn’t quite sure about that one. I mean the wife felt OK with my little indulgence, but didn’t give me a blank check to indulge everything. Although I wasn’t into cheating, I wouldn’t be offended if other folks got a bit ‘friendly’ at the party. I told him, that didn’t bother me.

Oh yea,” he said. “There might be some fighting going on.”

I’m a non-violent type of guy, but I’ve also had a lot of “officer safety” training as a P O, and felt I could always take care of myself in volatile situations. I did have a Domestic Violence caseload at one time, and could diffuse angry tempers from flaring up. Or, if things really got bad, extract myself and seek help. So I said I’d be there, and could I bring anything?

No, that’s OK”, he said. “There’s only gonna be the two of us.”


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  1. Oh, that was a good one. Crazy! LoL!!

  2. http://instantrimshot.com/

    BTW …. hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Hear Alaska glaciers receding alarming rate. Pic makes eye glass wearing not so bad at all.

  4. LOL LOL LOL. Now that was really funny.

  5. Was enjoying the story, and then……….Loved it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Didn’t see that coming!

    So did you go to the party?

  7. Very entertaining…have a good T’giving and see ya later….

  8. you and my husband are cut from the same cloth. I was totally taken in. I just hate that.

    • You must have married a good man; no doubt good looking, well educated, an intellectual, with biting sense of humor. Can He draw? Hope the two of you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  9. Hansi …. hope you saw my response to your comment on my Thanksgiving post.

    • I did. Wow, I posted your 6000th comment. Hope it was worthy and not just a bunch of the usual garbage I leave on others blogs.


    • Glad ya liked it. I’d wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, but I know you live in Australia. Maybe you could just be thankful that you don’t live in America 🙂



  11. Terrance H. said:


    I thought you being quite serious, but then as soon as I read this part – ““I gotta tell ya”, he said again, “There may be some rough sex” – I literally blurted out, “WHAT?!?!” My wife asked, “What’s wrong?” LOL.

    • I just don’t know what it is about ‘rough sex’ that causes such reactions in people 🙂 Glad ya liked it.


  12. very interesting read.

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