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I love politics, it’s fascinating, and, loaded with cleaver bullshit, which I’m also a big fan of.  Forget about Kim (who according to this one tabloid is pregnant; poor Kim, dumped and now knocked up.  What’s she gonna do?  Well you can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be watching the next episode to find out), Snookie, Idol and the rest, politics is the best reality show going.   Last week was great theater, especially in the Republican Party side-show: a nationally televised brain fart, a womanizer lying his ass off, and loosers turning into winners.  It was better than Dancing With The Stars (sure glad Nancy Grace got bumped last week).

I’m not a big fan (or little fan) of conspiracy theories.  There’s no secret organizations clandestinely trying to run things while we remain unaware.  Not to say that a lot of sneaky-ass shit ain’t happening right under our noses; but that’s  there for all to see, if ya want.   Nope, people can’t keep their mouths shut long enough for anything to remain a secret.  Bet ol’ Herman Cain wished that weren’t the truth.  Everybody knows what the conspiracies are, and If so, how can they remain secret?  It’s no big secret what Corporate America’s agenda is.  They tell ya about 30 times during any TV show; they want you to buy their products so they and their shareholders can make a shit-load of money.  I just wish they’d stop constantly reminding me that I need a pill to be ready for sex whenever ‘that moment’ may arise. You know, like when you’re out  in the garden with your spouse, on  hands and knees pulling weeds.  Gotta stay ready for moments like those.  But only after a night out to the Opera and dinner at an expensive restaurant.  But then again, if I’d  had taken the pill as advised, I’d be ready endure all manner of bullshit in order to get laid.  [Sure hope the Wife doesn’t read this one.]

Well there’s so much stuff  happening these days that one is bound to get a little paranoid now and then.  But that doesn’t have to happen.  If we watch what we put in our minds as diligently as what we watch what we put in out bodies, we can avoid a lot of health hazards..  Just like everything you put in your body has a physical/chemical effect on you, so does stuff you allow in your mind.  I remember at work, what a joy it was when someone brought in one of them pink boxes; the ones filled with donuts….mmmmmm.

How could I resit?  That apple fritter looked sooo good.  So I’d wolf one down, and then you know what?  Within an hour I’m starting to crash.  The sugar high has worn off and my body plunges into lethargy and pain.  I wonder, what the hell did I do to myself?  They outta make fritters illegal (except for medicinal use, of course); I feel like shit!  Wow, what I put in my body sure had an impact on me, as does everything we put into our bodies: that cup of coffee, that beer, junk food and even those pills for our blood pressure.  And what our bodies feel impacts our minds, attitudes, and general sense of well-being.

Here’s the good part.  If we are aware of what we are allowing in our minds, and can see what reactions these things can cause, we can avoid those bad causes by not letting certain things into our minds.  That doesn’t mean toxic thoughts never cross our minds, it means we don’t hop on that thought-train and let it take us for a ride.  We have some control over how we can feel.  It’s like exercise, hard to start at first, but feels good once you get into it.

Well, you’ve  let Hansi into your mind for far too long.  I better go, but I hope I’ve left ya something to think about.  It was good for me, hope it was good for you 🙂


Comments on: "Got To Watch What Ya Put Into Your Mind" (25)

  1. Hansi, this is definitely “Dave Barry-Garrison Keillor” class level of quality. Best thing of yours I’ve read. You have a lot of talent in this genre.

    • Wow…thanks. Nothing like a little praise and flattery to go straight to one’s head. I think I’ll let em in.


  2. First of all, right on with Carl. There are so many good lines in this post that my mind is laughing while spinning to congruent topics. (Did I just use congruent in a sentence?) Meanwhile, great advise for all about pulling weeds. Thanks for the hoot this morning!

  3. Yeah….that post blew my mind too.

  4. Maybe the Mormons have the right idea and Romney ain’t such a bad idea after all. Nothing gets in or out.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    An interesting and compelling thought! If we could see, right in front of us, the beliefs, opinions and thoughts we have, we might be able to change them faster. I love the idea. Great drawings, too!

    • For me, maybe it’s all about control. Do I let thoughts and emotions control me, or do I control them? Depends on what thought and emotions really are, and our relationship to them.


  6. Yeah, I’ll pay more attention to what goes in. But then, heck, how can I report what YOU shouldn’t read? It’s more than I can figure out. Now I’m depressed. And it’s Sunday which is my one day off from cooking!

  7. Who’s Kim? Is she running for president? Does she have a blog? Can she see Libya from her yard? See, I am luminary challenged….. the last celebrity I paid any attention to was Soupy Sales.

    • Soupy Sales! He had a “kids” show in LA during the 50’s. Most of his material definitely wasn’t for kids. White Fang, Black Tooth….ah those were the days.


  8. Hansi,
    Were you off your meds for this one?

  9. Yes–starting with religion.

    BTW, I find that I have to read your drawing with as much care as I read your prose–a little not so subliminal stuff in the clouds of that last drawing

  10. First time I’ve seen a naked angel I think …

    Your bottom (oops, lower) drawing reminds me of something a friend says. She and I get some crap about going to Landmark sometimes and one thing people say is “that’s all brainwashing”. She always replies, quick as a shot, “my brain needs washing!”

    • Actually, the bottom drawing was for an earlier post entitled “help I’m Being Brainwashed”. So you are very perceptive. Either way, what you allow into your mind, and dwell upon does have a big impact on your well-being.


  11. Consumerism driven by media….the new religion…..

  12. I do sometimes use a brush on my brain but it’s more in the hopes of keeping my brain tidy and not necessarily intended as brainwashing.

    • Nothing better than having a nice tidy, sparkling clean brain; helps me to dream up nice new filthy stuff to post. I find flossing daily, also prevents cavities in your brain.


  13. i think if my brain could become a film, it would be a very disturbing thing to see. i really do love your view of the world hansi – it’s scary and fun 🙂

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