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Crayola Friday

Well, it’s Crayola Friday again…somewhere.   And here too at Hansi’s Hallucinations.  And what better way to start your Friday than with a few hallucinations; I always do.  This is just a bunch of fun, loosening-up type stuff that I did on a Sunday afternoon in November.  But enough of this narrative junk.  This is supposed to be a pictures only post and not a bunch of left brain B S.   You know, things to look at, that  make indelibly etched images in your mind and give ya nightmares.  Doesn’t get  better than that!  When it comes to politics, I prefer the Left.  When it comes to which side of the brain I prefer to reside in, it’s always the Right.


Comments on: "Crayola Friday" (17)

  1. I’m never sure which side of me brain I likes best. Sometimes, its one side, sometimes the other. Mostly I like ’em both, and they do seem to work well together most of the time. So, I’m plannin’ on leaving them together, at least until they perfect that robotic brain which will allow me to live forever. Then, I might upgrade a bit. I’m so darn smart already, it’s hard to contemplate being even smarter. *giggle*

  2. Seems I never know which side is working harder. Changes from day to day. Some days neither side works.

  3. That first picture is most intriguing! Have a good weekend!

  4. Hansi,
    So where is your crayola sidekick this week?

  5. Crayons can really be an exquisite art medium. In second grade the teacher had us draw patterns on very coarse sandpaper. Neat texture.

  6. Hi all! Love the top drawing. So plump. Have a right weekend!

  7. Terrance H. said:


    Great art, as usual. You and Snoring never cease to amaze me. I mess around here and there, producing mostly substandard stuff, but occasionally I hit the nail on the head like with the portrait of my daughter. But I go in spurts! I’ll be artistic for a few months, then stop. Ugh. I don’t know why. I definitely don’t have the motivation to post new stuff each Friday, but I sure am glad you and Snoring do.

    • Thanks…I’d encourage you to keep at it. I can’t speak for all artists (and I don’t consider myself as an “artist”), but many of us go through creative slumps and periods of non activity. Don’t let that stop ya; and stop worrying about “substandard stuff”. The thing about art is, ya just gotta keep doing it and you’ll ‘get better’. Not all my stuff is above standard, in fact little of it is. Just let it rip, and here’s the good part, you’ll find yourself functioning with the right side of your brain, the part that is not about words and language, but rather the non-verbal intuitive side that deals with spacial relationships. You’ll wanna stay there. It’s a great high.


  8. Thanks for my Crayola Saturday. Love the first one … one preparing for head up the butt? 🙂

  9. i just wish i could you either side, my brain is like mush at the moment 🙂

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