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Have I Been a Bad Boy?

I need some help here.  Maybe even a reality check, cause I discovered today that my recent post “I WANT SARAH” is missing.  You know that one, the little ditty from my rich fantasy life, about  how much I missed Sarah Palin spanking me.  Well it’s not under Recent Posts anymore.  For you who only read the pictures, and not the words, it was this one.

Now one of two things may have occurred.  Either I totally spaced-out due to a recent change in medication, and like an idiotic fool, accidentally deleted the post after my new meds had kicked in.  Or, unbeknownst to me,  I’ve Been Censored.

Now there’s a high probability of the first scenario being true, and in all likelihood, what actually happened.  Or maybe, and I’m getting a little paranoid here, WordPress has possibly censored me?

Please, let me know if  you’ve ever experienced censorship with WordPress.  Has it happened to you?  Anyone you follow?  Or is this  just another major blunder on my part?

Actually, I think it would be pretty cool to be censored.  Means you’re doing some naughty, biting (in this case spanking) stuff, and the best part, the censor had to read it too.  But my stuff is fairly tame; not loaded up with profanity (unless I’m totally fucking pissed); not overly offensive, but oftentimes in bad taste.  So I can’t  see why I’d be censored.  Unless there’s Sarah Police out there. I screwed up.  That’s what happened [ but on my favorite post about my favorite Tea Partier???]…Oh well.  At least I got to publish my drawing of Sarah and me again.


Comments on: "Have I Been a Bad Boy?" (22)

  1. Hansi, it was probably your meds. I can’t see Silicon Valley progressive types censoring a post they actually like because it is right in their wheelhouse…personal attack on a conservative female, rather than fact-based arguments. That would have had them drooling, not deleting.

    My bolg is self-hosted, but on the WordPress platform. If they were gonna screw with posts they don’t like, they’d be far more likely to fuck with mine, since it exposes their side’s political agenda for its failures…LOL.

  2. They have got you at last Hansi!

    Seriously, I wouldn’t think WordPress censor blog posts or comments but have a look at this link –


  3. Hansi,
    Maybe now you will stop messing with Sarah.

  4. I think some of your other posts warrant censorship far more that Spanking Sarah. Nust be the meds. Perhaps you need a dosage adjustment.

  5. Maybe this is the WP equivalent of a trip to the wood shed for a spanking?

  6. Serves ya right for posting all that porn. Boo!

  7. I can see it now, the new WP prompt for post ideas:

    * when did you last see your Sarah post?
    * what does WP do with our deleted Sarah posts?
    * who’s your favourite spanker: Sarah or Michelle? (warning: post may not last long)
    * where do your posts go when you’ve been a bad boy?

  8. I never understood the spanking fetish. On the other hand I have been taking a beating every time I go to the casino.

    • You are enjoying a financial spanking at the casino. Try talking to the management to find out where you can get a good old fashioned flesh to flesh spanking.

  9. Your sister Heidi said:

    Hansi, I must be crazy, but I save your hallucinations, so I just mailed you “I want Sarah” at your yahoo address. Hope this makes you happy!

  10. Is CRS a side effect of the new med? But I am with you….I would like to know that someone would censored….but alas not yet.

  11. One of a list of transgressions you can hand to Mistress Sarah as she doles out your punishment. 😉

  12. Well … there’s some good detail in the second sketch!

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