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The Oh Reilly Fornication

Getting spanked by Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin was such a gratifying sexual fantasy [see I Want Sarah post to your right] that I dug into my archives for this piece of trash.  I must admit, I did have some second thoughts about this one, cause some might see it as being in bad taste.  But then again, when have second thoughts and bad taste ever been a consideration here at Hansi’s Hallucinations?

**CONTENT WARNING**  I just had to do that one. I love seeing that when going to a blog, advising me that if I’m not over 18 years old, the content of the yet to be entered blog, may be offensive. Well being at least three times that age, but with a mind of a seventeen year old, what that means to me is; Good stuff ahead. But, if you’re a neo-conservative, born again Republican, you may take issue with some of my content. Not that it’s going to be a bunch of filth, for I don’t want to be dirty, let alone peddle smut.  However, if a few prompts starts to get your mind wet; well I’ll let you do all the heavy lifting from there.

DISCLAIMER: Had to throw that one in too. This is strictly a hallucination of my pre Alzheimer’s mind, and bears no resemblance to any living beings or personalities that may in fact have a functioning heart. It would only be a coincidence if they had some heart.

So, a while back, I was viewing a clip on one of my favorite Demented blogs, which featured Bill Oh Reily interviewing Ann Coldter. What a right wing love fest that was. Bill Oh was feeding her lines that brought out the best (wurst worst?) of her. It was at about that time that my medication started kicking into high gear, that I came to the conclusion: why don’t they really tell it like it is? I mean if Fox News isn’t screwing with your mind, then who is. And if they’ve already violated you, why not go all the way, and not just to first base.

Hence…The Oh Riley Fornication. An new twist on the Oh Rielly Factor, wherein Bill seduces right wing ideologues and nails em (not like they did to Jesus) on the show. Bill and Ann were getting so so hot, in this clip, that I envisioned them gradually disrobing with every new talking point.  At the mention of gun control, they started to loose control, and then, faster than you can say “corporate tax cut”, and here’s where your part comes in, they jump each others bones and start….doin’ it. What a show. I’d certainly become a regular viewer, and eagerly await the next RILF (republican I’d like to f***), that Oh Really “interviews”.

Great fun, but we can’t stop there. [You may want pause for a moment to pull a condom over your head to prevent a socialism disease]. How bout Shawn Hanitty (to be changed to Hand-on-titty)? Well, I don’t know about you, but that guy seems a little too anal for me. But if he interviewed Sarah again. Well there could be fireworks, especially if the First Dude stepped in. [Much too heavy for me to lift]. That would be a three-some, that would tickle me-some.

Can’t forget Grettle von Sustenance. I like her, but that poor girl looks like she been whooped with an ugly stick, and it would take writing skills that far exceed mine , to properly script that one. Hey, they could make it a reality show, and not need scripting. Grettle could hang-out with Snooki, and compete with her for all the sleaze-balls at the Snookster’s favorite bars.   Meowww, that would be a real cat-fight.

I don’t want to be-labor the point, and I think you get the idea. Sadly, those were the only shows I could think of that were in need of a “make-over”, cause, frankly, most Fox News personalities are ugly, and I can’t stand watching them. Now now, if you really look at them, you know in your heart that I am Right.  There is this loud mouthed blond however, that looks interesting; she doesn’t let anybody get a word in edge-wise. Ummm…..Good premise for yet another show.

Well, this was good for me; hope it was good for you. If you were offended….I Warned You!!  But next time ya watch a Fox News program, keep Hansi in mind. You’ll get a “lift” out of it.

There once was a gal named Palin

Who was in need of a vigorous nailin’

She looked like a fox

With those long brown locks

But when she opened her mouth, it was only wailin’.


Comments on: "The Oh Reilly Fornication" (21)

  1. I watch MSNBC all day and at least they admit they are left leaning although I think Chris Mathews and Dillon Radigan go after any kind of hypocrisy regardless from whom it originates. What disturbs me is that people listen to FOX think they are getting the conservative republican view in contrast and don’t see they are getting the wing nut view. At least on MSNBC you are getting facts interpreted from a leftist viewpoint which they admit but on FOX you get distortions of facts to support a wing nut point of view. I worked in the Goldwater campaign for 8 months at least 30 hours a week. Barry Goldwater would be disgusted with those who call themselves conservative republicans today and would certainly put the wing nuts in their place-the nut house.

  2. The FOX Comedy Channel…….they should rename their “news” since they seldom report news…..

  3. Hansi,
    Clearly you have reached the optimum in physical perfection. The mind of a 17 year old and the body of a sexagenarian. congrats.

  4. Please, tell me where to get those condoms that fit over your head!

  5. Smutty smutty smutty. From from to back, top to bottom. I need to stick a garden hose in my ear to clean out the images that have begun to take over. Why do I come here to endure this?

  6. They’re going to tell their god on you and you’ll be in big trouble then!

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Giggle. You got a giggle out of me. You really are one heckuva different blogger, hansi! The art is great!

  8. Terrance H. said:

    The art is awesome, and I don’t find it to be in bad taste at all. At least no more than the rightwing nonsense Faux News spews on a daily basis.

  9. I don’t watch Fox News … well, I admittedly used to have Meghan Kelly on with a mute button, but she changed her hair … which I haven’t gone back to see what it’s now like. Meanwhile, you have created mental imagery that my stain my life from this day forward. Maybe a shot of honey bourbon before 8 am will help.

  10. Wicked, you are but also funny. 🙂

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