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More Word Press Ideas

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If you don’t have Word Press, this is what ya get after you push the publish tab when making a post. Magic, I know, and the source of everley increasing Blog ideas for me.

Thought I could get one post with all three of these ideas. This one was easy.

  1. I’d take sex education classes, and with a very skilled therapist!
  2. I wouldn’t have a sister if I grew up without siblings. That’s stupid! Siblings also kind sounds like a childhood disease, like Mumps or Chickenpox.
  3. Up till right now, the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done is answer these three questions.

Wait, there’s more.  Here’s some some jewels worthy of discussion:

  1. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained? Do they mean like with physical scars or emotional ones?
  2. List your favorite ways to procrastinate. I’m still working on that one.
  3. If you had your own clothing line, what would it be Called? “Hand Me-Downs” sounds good to me.
  4. What do you think is the most destructive force to mankind? Easy…nature.
  5. If you could make an anonymous gift to someone, what would it be? My blog business cards of course.
  6. Name a company or product you would like to star in a TV commercial for. Well, I can tell ya what I wouldn’t star in: any thing to do with Viagra, Cealis or Penis extending
  7. You get to make an appearance on any TV show of your choice, what would it be? The Next Millionaire would be a good one.

So once again it’s Word Press to the rescue for old Hansi. Damn, that was easier than just cut and paste-ing something.


Comments on: "More Word Press Ideas" (19)

  1. Some good WordPress tips on traffic Hansi. I’ll not get into the Q and A has it may incriminate me.

  2. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained? Do they mean like with physical scars or emotional ones?

    That was actually a very profound answer!

    I have heard that the best way to get traffic to a blog is images. I think the traffic you would get that way is not meaningful, though.

    The best way is to become famous.

  3. I hope the drawing is meant to be “items from the garden.”

  4. Do you bruise easily? Not physically.

  5. Hansi,
    So, how much did WordPress pay you for the plug?

  6. I’m speechless … but probably will now be unable to sleep because I’ll be thinking all night.

  7. Those dopey prompts insult your talent and bloggers that do them probably like cats too. Yuk.

  8. You know until you started these posts I did not even know of this feature……politics and the economy give me more than enough for massive stroke……good post!

    • Yeah that feature is often times overlooked after publishing a post. But if you take some time to savor it, it’s kinda like having a smoke after sex.

  9. i’m going to absorb an enormous amount of influence from you mr hansi .. profound words and a strong male organ – what a tower of strength. no problems in hanging your towel and you can draw as well 🙂

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