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Crayola Friday

A scribble or a line, caught in time, while out of my mind

A couple of the bloggers I follow feature “A Friday Moment” wherein they showcase some of their photography.  One of my favorite bloggers even has a “Watercolor Friday” and posts her paintings every Friday.  Well I wanta showcase my work too (as if every damn post I do doesn’t already feature a shitload of  my drawings).  So I decided to copy, imitate. be inspired by what they do, and feature some of my work done in my new favorite medium: crayons.

Had some help from my three year old grandson.  He wanted to draw one day, so I got out the paper and Crayola ‘adjustable pencils’ and let him rip.  Now, he doesn’t have the fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, or sense of composition and design that Hansi has.  But we both like the same subject matter.

He started these two gems and left me to finish them (“do the hard part”).  Pretty good for a three year old!  And something pretty cool for Grandpa to do. So look forward to more Crayon Fridays to come.

Oh yea.   You’ll probably see this one again on a different post.  But I just had to post it; couldn’t wait till next Friday.   And…it was actually done on Friday**  Beginning with  a scribble, or a line, while out of my mind, at the time.

** Anal retentive calendar freak types will notice that this was posted on a Saturday, and not a Friday.  Well, good for you, all that college has certainly paid off.  But the thing of it is, I came up with this brilliant idea on a Saturday morning, and being unable to delay gratification in any form, couldn’t wait a whole week to publish it.  So, like we used to say when I was fighting crime: “Close enough for government work”.


Comments on: "Crayola Friday" (18)

  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’m all for Crayola Fridays whether they happen on Friday or not! You notice that I missed my Watercolor Friday. Right now I’m frantically trying to get mine done to post today. The week was just too crazy for me to settle into the painting. I love your idea and can’t wait to see more. Crayon is a super medium! Sometimes I mix it in with my watercolors. Great job on these works of art!

  2. Ralph@Retirement Lifestyle said:

    Nice to see that grandfather grandson teamwork going on.

  3. In the future, could you clarify which work was done by Hansi and which was done by your grandson?

  4. “Good enough for government work” Oh how true and scary that is. My computer manager systems analyst quality control evaluator friend did a three month stint in Ohio for the government. Until they got rid of him. They did not want to let the cat out of the bag, did not want quality control as they were all second career retirees. Oh, by the way, the government agency was the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE !!! He is still unemployed as it seems no one wants someone with his credentials at any workplace.

  5. you both like the same subject matter ? disturbing no matter what day it is 🙂

  6. LOL! So glad to see you’re inspiring the you ones. 🙂

  7. Ah ha … your grandson has a sense for the abstract. On the other hand, I find the legs on your last a bit creepy. But hey, it’s Rick Perry after all. Love the PS under the pick. Hope you had a good weekend.

  8. Hi Hansi, am on a writing workshop with Internet banned in mornings and general terror abounding. Had to have a sneaky peek at ole Hansi to cheer me and, yes, it’s worked a treat. Love the collaborative drawings! The woman with the blue bun is very great. A more elegant Marge Simpson.

    • Everybody’s happy when they have a little Hansi. I know my mom was :) Thanks for stopping by and taking a break. You know with a writing workshop soon to be under your belt, we’ll be expecting great things from you :) Hope the workshop is working well for you.

  9. Your sister Heidi said:

    Hansi, I know you are a great artist, because I can’t remember you doing anything else except drawing for the past almost 60 years. Why don’t you share your first, hopefully still existent, drawing that you did on the inside cover of your Children’s Illustrated Bible (for the lack of paper) with your signature and age (Hansi, age 6)? Remember it? I still do! It really would be a treat.

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