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I was really lucky to have grown up in the fifties and sixties. I got to experience Elvis in the late 50’s [before he went into the Army, and after which took a massive nosedive into lame songs and stupid movies]. I went to High School in the early sixties and College in the late sixties. In 1963, I was waiting on the West Coast listening to Surf Music, arms wide open for the Beatles and the rest of the British Invasion. In college I became ‘experienced’ by Jimi Hendrix, and have been so ever since.

Well it’s startin’ to feel like the sixties again. The music today sucks, but there’s a lot of dissatisfaction out there (we never could get no satisfaction back then); unpopular wars, rough economic times and a general feeling that things are spinning out of control. That the country isn’t being run by We The People, but by corporate interests whose sole purpose is to serve itself [corporations are people too, don’t cha know] and enrich a select few, while the masses are facing unemployment and financial insecurity.  Damn, it’s stating to feel more like the thirties again.

Maybe I’m having a massive flash-back or just a nostalgic case of deja-vu? I’ll let you be the judge. But when I see cops cracking heads and pepper spraying people demonstrating over Wall Street excesses in New York, sure reminds me of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Afghanistan sure reminds me of Vietnam. Special interests running the country sure reminds me of the “Military Industrial Complex” which was the boogie man back then.

What’s really cool now (bitchin’, groovy and even out of sight) is the Occupy Wall Street protests that are emerging , not only on Wall Street, but around the country. A lot of pundits and even old liberals are taking a cautious view, wondering whats going on. Well that’s a no brainer: People are fucking pissed, and starting to show their outrage. Our “leaders” aren’t doing shit to solve our problems and things are only getting worse.

The Tea Party started in similar fashion, but has since been taken over “co-opted” by the Republican establishment [maybe it’s he other way around]… But, like em or not, their message has had an impact on the Republican Party. Look at its’ current crop of extreme right wing candidates. Rich Rick Perry may play well in Texas, but that bumpkin ain’t cutting it on the West Coast. All of them are catering to an extreme element, which is really not representative of the majority of Americans. But at least their ‘voice’ has been herd heard.

So what to make of this Occupy Movement. Well. I’m personally diggin’ it. It’s not getting the media attention it deserves, but it’s spreading. The liberal Answer to the Tea Party??? I’ll let you be the judge again. One thing I do know is they sure have better, more creative costumes than a bunch of fat old white folks dressed up in colonial garb with their pot bellies hanging out and ever ready for action lawn chairs nearby. I much prefer Zombies, especially as Halloween draws near.   This movement has some energy; has a message; and hopefully won’t be “co-opted” by the corporate interests (on both sides) that run this country.

This movement is just getting started, and will be interesting to watch; and maybe even support. All those anti-war protests did have an impact on the Vietnam War. Too bad a lot of good people died while waiting for it to end. Maybe it’s time to stand up and say like Jimi Hendrix:

White collar conservatives flashing down the street

Pointing their plastic finger at me.

Hoping soon that my kind will drop and die

But I’m going to wave my freak flag high….High.

Jimi sure said it like it is in “If 6 were 9”.  All I know is if there’s one of those Occupy Demonstrations happening in my area, I’m grabbing my lawn chair and going.


Comments on: "It’s Starting To Feel Like The Sixties Again" (32)

  1. Interestingly, about an hour ago I read a comment suggesting that the Occupy Movement being a modern-day counterculture movement … and then I read your reflection for the 60s. Hmmmm …. you’ve got me thinking even more.

  2. The Wall Street demonstrations are a semi rebirth but the difference from the 60’s is that was anti war and the current one is against government/business collusion to rip off the common working man. It is a great disappointment that we are not in the streets over Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It is not about terrorism it is about establishing more military bases from which to strike and pre-empt. We have over 800 military bases outside of US around the world. It is obvious that we do not engage in territorial empire but in a military empire vaster than any established in human history. I don’t know if this effort is to prevent another Pearl Harbor or to keep Russia and China always a few steps behind us and to strike and intimidate Iran or a unique brand of American Fascism. Probably a combination. .

    • Right on brother Carl. People would be a lot less tolerant of our wars if our sons and daughters were getting drafted.

      • So do you want the draft back Hansi? It wasn’t too popular with me back when I got drafted out of grad school. Might have done you some good.

      • Hell no i don’t want the Draft back. Actually I avoided the draft by joining the National Guard, serving as a “weekend warrior” as our beloved former President Bush (W) did. Only thing was, I had to go to meetings. BTW, the draft did nobody any good.

  3. I have always been a great advocate for “make love not war” but it seems we haven’t learnt anything fron history, especially the UK and USA.

    Perhaps it’s time for a revolution to get rid of all the incompetent, money grabbing arseholes that run our countries.

  4. We got those occupiers here outside the SF Fed. I walked by them this weekend on the way home fromt eh Farmers Market. There’s not enough of them.

    Problem is, being more “the man” now than “f*** the man”, I gotta deal with “the man” problems, like keeping my job. Ugg.

  5. It does appear that this here OWS has some legs to it. I certainly hope so, since it’s been a needed thing for more years than I care to think about. I too am lookin’ for the signs that this has the gravitas of the anti-war movement of the 60’s. I remember those marches well I tell ya, and frankly in this group, one sees evidence that some of us oldies are dusting off the peace symbols and marching again, albeit with canes and walkers! lol.. I love the smell of tear gas in the morning!

    • You go girl. The smell of bullshit hasn’t changed since the sixties, but if ya march, I think you’re more likely to be smelling pepper spray in the morning 🙂

  6. I think it’s this:


  7. Hansi, I feel like a youngster again….good to see that passion is not dead….I was concerned that the young had lost that passion for fairness…….

    • My heartened also by all them youngsters out their protesting. Of course they’re the ones suffering the most during these times with unemployment and little to look forward to.

  8. i have to take you to task mr hansi, music gets better everyday. not all of course, but it really is – give the new stuff a try, you might be shocked at first, but will revel in the freshness. stay fresh yourself you old bugger 🙂

    • OK…I’ll give it a try. You come up with some good stuff every now and then.

    • I propose that Hansi immerse himself in the music of today and give us his unvarnished views. That would certainly solve his dry spell problems!

      @tbaoo I was forced to listen to a contemporary radio station in a waiting room and found myself thinking, “maybe I’ve been judging this s**t too harshly.” But the problem I think is that there is just too much of it–Shows like American Idol and X factor have totally eliminated any distinction between bad and just plain awful and that’s why it’s easy to diss whatever is unfamilar that comes down the pike. Personally I can’t stand anything that involves whining, especially when the singer is male and that, although prevalent today, is not unique to the music of today (e.g., BeeGees)

  9. Loved this post, Hansi. I really hope something will change because of it. Too many people are barely hanging on while the fat cats are lighting 100 bills on fire. That sounded like the 20s.

  10. In the 60’s, social progress was alive and consideration for the poor was well.

    This feels like Armageddon to me. There are a few people carrying signs. I hope carrying signs works. I know if I wanted to destroy American, I would stick to the plan until I saw someone stick a sign in my face. Then I think I would have to reconsider the whole thing.

    • I think a lot of people on both sides are starting to think Armageddon. But basically we’ve seen this all before, as have we seen previous “Armageddons”.

  11. Hansi,
    These lame kids don’t hold a candle to the protesters from the 60’s. When they get interviewed, I haven’t heard one of them hold a coherent thought. And it isn’t the better world that the 60’s protesters were after that these babies want. They just want everything given to them and no responsibility. These guys are poor posers pretending to be significant. They deserve to be buldozed out to sea along with their excrement. Don’t denigrate the 60’s by associating the Wall Street loons with those protests.

  12. How about some I am the 99% drawings!

  13. God I hope you’re right about the 60’s because in another 10 years I can pull out some gear that I just couldn’t part with in the 70’s and play the old albums with unbridled passion!
    Peace man. Sue

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