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Today is September 11th;  A day that shall live in infamy.  “That was Pearl Harbor Day you idiot.”  Sorry that I appear a little confused, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I can’t kept all these days when bad shit happened straight anymore.  I can remember the Maine; haven’t forgotten the Lusitannia: but like remembering the Alamo the best.  Davey Crockett swinging his musket at them Mexicans till the bitter end.  I even had a Walt Disney Davey Crockett at the  Alamo play set when I was a kid.  Boy…the Patriotism thing was really laid on my head at an early age.  Wonder what we did to have all these infamous things happen to us?  Oh well.

A few things have been blowing my mind lately. The first one is finally having to deal with the elderly parent boogie. As a Baby Boomer, I am constantly being reminded, by Yahoo, Fidelity and the Media about how we Boomers are gonna have to deal with elderly dying parents. Well, done it twice now. Not for my own parents who died when I was young, but for in-laws. Wow, what a trip.

Had to help my daughter in dealing with the death of her 86 year old father in-law. I mean like counseling her about how to be with a dying parent at the end; dealing with Mortuaries and making arrangements etc. Damn, I wish I had someone to help me though my parents’ death. Well that one worked out OK. My son in-law and his siblings were at their fathers bed side when he passed; said they loved him; said their goodbyes; and had a nice military ceremony (WW II) in a VA cemetery.

Now my wife’s 98 Year old father just passed. What’s amazing is we saw him just two months ago, and despite being 98, was lucid, with-it and engaged in conversation. He took a turn for the worse, and was hospitalized for a blood infection. During his last month, he was either in the hospital, a convalescent home, or briefly at home, but that proved disastrous, as he was hospitalized again within a day. He initially fought it, rallied a bit, but after all the movement between facilities, apparently got sick of the medical system and decided to check out. He called in everyone nearby, said his goodbyes, and passed away in his sleep. His widow, who is going through massive life-changes, had to deal with the possibility of providing in-home convalescent care for her husband, to the realization that she is now alone and a widow.

In Buddhism, ‘letting go’ of stuff is what it’s all about. And having to eventual ‘let go’ of life is a biggie. Seems like if you are able to ‘let go’, you suffer a lot less. Letting Go makes life changing passages a lot more tolerable (Oops, if I just ‘tolerate’ something, them I’m still hanging on to something I don’t want to let go of. That causes friction, and doesn’t lead to real peace of mind and well-being). [That was a side trip.]  But I’ve found that if I am well grounded and OK in myself, dealing with things goes a lot more smoothly. My wife’s siblings are mostly evangelical, born again Christians [cool, but not my thing], and their faith helped them deal with their loss. “Daddy has entered eternal life, and is now up in heaven with his Savior”. OK, that’s kinda like letting go, but holding something in reserve just in case you need it again. Maybe that’s bad, and I’m just a heathen unbeliever. But hey! It works for them.

The last thing that is freaking me out is the radical right-wing element in this country. Extremism in any form is never good. The amazing thing is: this extremism is passing itself off for the voice of reason, moderation and common sense. What America is all about;  True Patriotism.  Oh boy, is this ever some serious mind-fucking going on here. It’s taken over the Republican party, and what used to be the Republican Party, knows it and appears to be busy looking for an electable candidate instead of going down again with some nut case Remember Barry Goldwater?). Their current crop even makes W Bush look rational to me. [Some where inside himself, I don’t think even W believed his own bullshit. He was a party-boy and schmoozer from the get go., and always had that look of trying to pull the wool over your eyes].   I want a Republican party that will work with the other side to solve our problems. Not a party of NO. Sorry can’t register with them though.  But, you know, I think I even voted for Ronald Regan once or twice. Despite being the “Great Bullshitter” (Communicator), things turned out OK; he even raised taxes (heresy). Guess fighting the “evil empire” didn’t come cheap.

Well, there ya have it. I usually don’t do this type of serious stuff, but I figured that a lot of my peers are maybe dealing with some of these same issues….so what the hell.


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  1. You had an Alamo set? You are God. I never got one. Probably cause of depression and alcoholism. Lucky fellow you.

  2. Hansi,
    That was indeed stream of consciousness. Sorry about all the deaths in your family recently but like you say we need to keep moving. Still I wonder about your selective vision with politics. You complain about far right extremism but seem oblivious to the left wing extremism that has turned California into en economic wasteland and overwhelms us with regulations and restrictions to the old American way of life.If you think it is the American way to force us to buy health insurance from the government then I guess the nutjob left wng liberal goons in charge are just middle of the road. If you think what we have now is moderate, wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Left-wing extremism is not good either. California is a strange place where the middle of the road is way off to the left somewhere; but I like it that way. hey, we even elected Governor Moonbeam again…go figure. My problem with extremism on the right is its preset unwillingness to compromise on anything, and their apparent willingness to bring down the whole country to make a point. The whole political thing is a subject worthy of Letting Go of.

  3. I want a Republican party that will work with the other side to solve our problems.

    I have had enough. I want a different second viable party. I have had enough of the Republican Party that has been in sharp decline since Lincoln and climaxed with the Tea Party.

  4. Lots of interesting thoughts here. One that strikes me is your observation:

    “Daddy has entered eternal life, and is now up in heaven with his Savior”. OK, that’s kinda like letting go, but holding something in reserve just in case you need it again. ”

    Another downside to that concept (contrasted with Buddhism) is that no one is 100% sure that (a) there really is an afterlife and (b) that god won’t get them on a technicality and send them to hell. That is why there is so much fear, denial and fighting against the inevitable that you see in some older people. Which is why there is no debate over death with dignity. But that’s a whole nother can of worms!

  5. So sorry to hear about the death of your fatherinlaw. Please send your wife my condolences!

  6. true times hansi, as i’ve just dealt with the death of my step father, your words remind me of just how old i’m getting 😦

    • Getting older is not as much fun as I thought it would be, especially when dealing with elderly parents. My condolences, I think you alluded to his passing on your blog.

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