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Dreaming up new stuff

This post is in honor of one of my favorite Bloggers, who this morning published a post stating that she is checking out for a while for personal reasons, and doesn’t know when she’ll be back in the Blog-o-sphere.  She’s been an inspiration for me, not for dreaming up new zany bullshit, but for her intellect, freedom and well written posts.  Hope she doesn’t stay Adrift too long.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself running straight up against a creative road-block.  It’s at times like this when the old work ethic kicks in and lays its 40 years of conditioning number on me with crap like:  “you can’t stop posting”…”push through the drawing slump”.  ” Gotta get to work and keep busy.”   Well, when I think about it, that’s just a bunch of conditioned crap I lay upon myself.

Creative slumps are common and probably serve a purpose: to rejuvenate them creative juices.  I’m experiencing this right now.  And by the way, I appreciated all the comments and feed back I got on my last post “Zippo” (who was not one of the Marx Brothers): all very helpful and encouraging.  But you know what’s really a trip?  It’s being aware of what’s really going on when in a slump, and being able to observe it in a removed neutral manner.  And therefore be OK with it.

Well, I went back to the old drawing-board a while ago, and cranked out these gems.  Actually not all that good, but a start!  Not sure I like the “Going back to the drawing board” metaphor; implies something ain’t working.  Well!  truth be, what wasn’t working was me!  Old Hansi’s ass has been getting lazy of late, except when I go to the House of Pain where I crank-out bullshit for a few intense hours, and then go home and spend the rest of the day in Recovery.  This working stuff sure cuts into one’s free-time.  Maybe that’s why the Blog is suffering.  I’ve sold-out, but only for money.

For me, there’s a pressure to preform at a certain level or standard (however low it may be).  And what I’m finding now is an ability to preform: draw, write, come up with new fresh stuff, at a more relaxed level.  If I don’t post; I don’t post.  If I don’t draw, well then I’m just not drawing at this time.  And if people don’t like it or read it, well they just don’t like it or read it.   That’s cool…may even be a Feather in my cap.

I’m liking the Random Thoughts types of posts I’m seeing around.  No big dissertations; no stunning logic; a paragraph per subject.  Random Thoughts leaves a lot of room to manure maneuver in, plus, a good excuse to crank-out a bunch of spaced-out ramblings with no coherency at all.  It’s been fun playing with it.

OK…As you can tell by the dates on these drawings, I did them some time ago and have been saving this post as a ‘draft’ for quite some time now.  Oh well.  see what I mean about seeing slumps in a neutral removed manor (“that’s a house you idiot, should be manner”).

Your turn.  Time for some random comments, or not.  But mind your manners (manors too)!

My initial thought was to leave this drawing out of the post.  A little “questionable”.  But like the old saying that has served me so well goes, “When in doubt, don’t leave it out.”


Comments on: "Dreaming up new stuff" (17)

  1. Hansi,
    I think you are ready to do video.

  2. Is the last drawing of Britany Spears…..just wondering…..

    I am a bit jealous…I cannot draw a stick man without screwing it up….that is why I write my mind works in strange ways but art is not one of them….keep up the good work…..

  3. If you are ever at a loss for a post you could ask us to come up with captions to some of your drawings. This lot made me think about the republican presidential debate for some reason.

  4. Hi Hansi. Love the drawings today, whenever you did them. Love the top woman’s hair and her uneven sized breasts, and the pot plant woman. I know that plant!

    I’m reading a book at the moment on this topic. Called The War of Art: Breakthrough the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield. He says pretty much what you’re saying: that people wanting to be creative just need to “do the work”. That that’s all that counts. And everything else is just resistance.

    I don’t wholly agree with this, but anyway I’m still reading it so I’ll see what he’s got to say in the rest of the book.

    Got two observations/questions for you. They may or may not provide something. Either way works for me.

    1. What are you making it mean about yourself if you’re not posting/drawing?
    2. Possibly, there’s something else going on for you at the moment, or maybe something else you want to say. Is it something you can share on the blog?


    • Thanks for your comments SGC. I think my problem, or more correctly pattern, is that I burn-out on endeavors rather quickly. I get to a certain level, am satisfied, and have “OK…Been there, done that” type of attitude. Lately I’ve been dealing with the death of my 98 year old father in-law. May do a post on that issue, but I am a little reluctant to get too personal on this blog. Yesterday I drew a bunch of stuff and the creativity is coming back. Which sadly reinforces the “been there ,done that” attitude as I know its still there so why use it if ya don’t want to, it’s always there in reserve if ya need it.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I like solidgold’s comments. What’s important to you? What have you experienced that makes you think and act the way you do? It’s just about sharing and having a point of view. Love that top drawing!

    • Yeah Solid Gold provided a lot of good insights. It’s the how much do I want to share thing that I’m trying to come to grips with right now. I don’t want my blog to be a hard-core political blog, or a “My whacky life” type of share everything blog. Even though all the crap I post is basically about my whacky life, or hopefully, My whacky hallucinations. I like the top figure too. A goddess/mother image, uneven breasts notwithstanding.

  6. Your sister Heidi said:

    Hansi, spontaneity must be well considered!

  7. i don’t think your madonna has a plant on her head, she’s an insect

  8. Hi Hansi, I’m sorry to hear about the death of your father in law. A good innings, as we’d say over here, and a loss to you and your wife and family.

    I’ve been thinking further … finding subject matter that excites us, and finding it again and again, is what it takes to be an artist. The actual writing, drawing, painting is just the mechanics.

    For decades I’ve wanted to write a book, and one of the justifications I use for not doing it is “I can’t find a subject that will hold my interest for that long”, “what if I get bored with the subject half way through?”, “what if the subject craps out on me?”

    What I really mean by this is “what if I crap out on it?” 🙂

    • Thank you for the condolences. Re: “what if I crap out on it”. Don’t mean to be harsh, but you already have. Fear of failure is the death of creativity. I’d give it a try. Perhaps a short story for starters. You could publish it on your blog like this English blogger Baldy Chaz does. You’ve got excellent writing skills. Give it a go. I only basically like about one of every five drawings I do; the rest are crap (but still worthy of posting on my blog – can’t set the bar too low :). But sometimes it took me four drawings to get there. Go for it girl.


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