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You know, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something new to post.  Zero, nada, nothing.   I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot on my mind at times, and I sometimes come up short.  Does that ever happen to you?


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  1. Pretty much on a daily basis!

  2. As a political junkie I write every day and usually have 10 drafts waiting…..and I try to recharge myself on weekends…..but then I am sick….LOL I cannot get enough of this stuff….even the little things that I can try to turn into a post…..sorry to be a bummer…..

    • No bummer…you’re doing what ya love. Basically so am I, it’s just after a hundred or so posts it’s getting harder to come up with new, fresh brilliant psychedelic bullshit to write about.

  3. Hansi, I think we all have the same problem at times. I have started to keep drafts of posts when I think any new ones up, then I always have something to fall back on. At least you have your artistic talent to call on.

    • Bill. I do drafts too when I get an idea. The problem with the ‘artistic talent’ is: I been calling on it lately but no one answers.

  4. Oh yes, happens often. It’s become easier since I gave up trying so hard. Also, I’ve taken spontaneous breaks of about one month at least 3-4 times. That’s worked for me too.

    • It’s good to not feel alone on this issue. I like what you say about spontaneous breaks once in a while; like it a lot…thanks.

  5. Hansi,
    Isn’t that why you draw?

  6. Terrance H. said:


    I don’t find anything you draw to be bad. It’s all really good.

  7. Hansi, Don’t worry bout it. Love your drawings.

  8. Coming up with something is always a challenge!
    Love your sketches!

  9. I never seem to run out of ideas, but I do have a lot of days where I can’t differentiate the bad ideas from the good and end up running with the bad.

    • I can relate to that, but it’s not a choice between good and bad for me. It’s more a differentiation between good and ‘questionable’.

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