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God’s Gift To Mankind


This isn’t gonna be a post about women, it’s just a cool drawing I had laying around, and only metaphorically has anything to do with anything, and only if her name is Mary Jane. But if ya click on the picture it will say Charlena.  Nope! I’ve seen the light! I’m chucking some of this Liberal BS I’ve been filling my mind with lately and going over to conservatism, and creationism in particular. Yep, intelligent design all the way for me.  And after you read the rest of this post, you too will be saying, “Yes, there is a loving Designer God who has a special gift for mankind.”

Dig this:  In your brain you have a special set of receptors. These receptors are the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The breakthrough to this discovery has a long history leading up to it so I’ll skip that part (I’m doing too much cut and paste as it is). By 1986, scientists discovered the the reason for these receptors: obviously  the brain was prepared in some respects to process THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Well enough of this scientific crap, you can read all about it yourself in the latest issue of High Times magazine.. The thing is there is a part of your brain specifically designed to be triggered by THC and have a pleasant effect. How did they get there? God Put them There; That’s how! God created these receptors ( and the plant that supplies the THC) in there as a kinda mental social safety net for the benefit of His creation. [You’ll notice that certain THC laden plants grow well in areas were life is tough and the people often times exploited]. He also must have made it for their enjoyment.  He certainly wouldn’t get many folks being fruitful and multiplying if the sex act was painful. No Sir, the Good Lord made it so that’s all folks want to do is multiple their socks off.  Same thing applies to His THC receptors.  Still don’t know why He made the appendix.

Now these receptors couldn’t have just evolved as the Evil-lutionists would suggest. No way. We didn’t get these THC receptors from a bunch of primates sitting around the jungle all day  getting high on the local vegetation. How stupid is that! Everybody knows monkeys  have apposable thumbs, but they didn’t have Zig Zag papers and with out them how could they roll a joint?

God didn’t make us the way we are without good reason, although I do have to question the whole foreskin thing. Maybe foreskins did evolve, but God sure nipped that in the bud when he took a liking to Abraham and his descendants [I’m talking about the legitimate ones born in wedlock and not the ones he had after the wife pushed the servant girl on him. Hey… He was old and all that stuff probably looked the same to him anyway]. Now the Lord does work in mysterious ways, because circumcision was a sign between Him and his favorite people. Instead of a secret handshake, they had a bald-headed mouse girded up in their loins and the only one who could tell was God with his X-ray vision. Unless of course, they all got naked or had to pee.

So, the way I figure, If God made these special receptors, and put them in our brains, He wants us to get high. That’s pretty intelligent design if you ask me. Remember that lowly foreskin, God made it for his Glory. I’m all for glorifying God . And if he made something inside me, I’m gonna use it and His herbal gift to mankind to its maximum potential before He comes back and takes it away

The foreskin thing again. God wouldn’t give us something just to take it away from us?  Would He?  Well the doctors took mine away when I was only a few hours old.  Likewise,  a lot of his servants today sure seem intent on doing the same thing. But God? Naw…I think He just wants us to be happy and treat each other well.


Comments on: "God’s Gift To Mankind" (18)

  1. I guess now we know how he rested on the Seventh Day! He rolled a big one.

    • That’s why the Sabbath Day is holy. And He must have invented rolling papers, but sure didn’t give any to the monkeys.

  2. Naw…I think He just wants us to be happy and treat each other well.

    If there is a good God, I suspect you are correct. If God wants us high, he wants us to use his gift in moderation. All things in moderation.

    As for the foreskin, I think it was meant as a practical joke and He forgot to discontinue it.

  3. Great post. But you may get an argument from the Ancient Astronaut crowd. LOL

  4. Great drawing Hansi, the sex act is painful but only when you’re not getting enough. Thank goodness for those special receptors as most of us like to get high now and again with whatever our bag is.


  5. I love the drawing. Reminds me of Erte.

    • It sure as hell ought to remind you of Erte. I copied (drew from his lithograph) that figure from one of his lithos. He was out of this world with his art, and I’m a great admirer.

  6. God made receptors. Man made injectors. Mine was a mason jar. Half vodka- half Pepsi

    • Wow, that was a pretty heavy mix. My post notwithstanding, I feel all intoxicants should be not only used wisely, but in moderation.

  7. Hansi,
    Are you sure that you didn’t also work in sales. That was a pretty good bait and switch.

  8. re foreskin – my favourite joke, how do you circumcise a whale – 4 skin divers – and you’re very good at the doodle as well 🙂

  9. You're an idiot said:

    So…god gave us all foreskins so he could painfully have them cut off resulting in the countless deaths and infections and permanent disfigurement of his loved children? makes so much sense…there’s a reason why only he Jews still practice the archaic old testament ritual of BRIT MILAH. <- yeah sounds very christian huh. might want to think a little harder next time you condone child abusive practices.

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