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Drawing Slump

You may may not have noticed, but right now I’m in a little bit of a drawing slump.  I just can’t seem to get motivated to draw, let alone feel inspired by anything.   OK everybody, on three ^ ^^ ^^^  “Poor Hansi”  Thanks I needed that.  But it’s really not so bad, been through them before and came out even better, or at least that’s what I think.

It’s hard to feel inspired when there’s a lot of stuff on your mind like the Country going down the drain (along with the economy), and a very elderly parent who is going through what may be an end of life health crisis.  Maybe it’s the House of Pain?  Naw.  The House of Pain (the probation department I retired from but now work for again part time) is actually a good thing in these times, and provides me with a hedge against uncertainty.  In fact, and keeping in mind that this is not a retirement living type of blog (except for my own psychedelic version of retirement living), working part time in retirement is a good thing if you can do it.  Getting paid a goodly sum to crank-out mindless bullshit is certainly more lucrative then sitting here at Hansi’s cranking out mindless bullshit for free.

Getting back to my drawing slump.  I posted this older drawing of Sarah Palin ‘getting  her tits caught in the wringer’, which was from an earlier post called “Political Poontang“.   One of my better efforts if I may say so myself, cause it covered two of my favorite subjects: Politics, and Poontang.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  But a word of caution;  politics and poontang can be a toxic concoction when mixed together.  Like when Sarah made her infamous “Blood Libel” remark.  Or like my increasingly more favorite blend of politics and poontang…Michelle Bachmann.  Whoa… I don’t know if I’m ready to sample that one, for even though her husband Marcus prayed the Gay out of me out of me a long time ago, I’m just not so sure I’d like to take a test drive in that vehicle yet.  But maybe if I dressed up in a robe, with long hair and a beard; bet that would tickle her crown of thorns.  I don’t think Marcus would mind so terribly, cause it would prove that I’ve been de-gayified (not to be confused with deified), and afterwards the three of us could get together and say a big “Thank you Jesus”.

“Oh Hansi, you’re such a sexist pig”.  No I’m not, I deleted the Michelle/Jesus bit of heresy. I respect and admire intelligent women, and try to keep an open mind regarding all people.  It’s just that Sarah and Michelle are so scary, so radical, and so idiotically stupid (yet powerful), that the only way I can possibly tolerate them is if I let my mind wander, and fantasize about them as sex objects.  It’s just a defense mechanism.

[Oh that gives me an idea for a future post: “Sarah and Michelle do Hansi”, with the sequel: Michelle and Sarah (gotta take turns on who comes first) do Hansi while Newt watches”.  This may not be my usual PG-13 fare, but will certainly be filled with enough sexual innuendo, adolescent humor and potty mouth remarks to make everyone happy and snicker with delight.]

So until this slump is over, I decided to dig into my psychedelic journal  and start posting some of that older stuff on my other blog  The Blithering Idiot.   Hey!  I’m not trying to pull a “Sarah Palin” here with all this Self Promotion [ you did notice that Sarah and self promotion do have the same initials ], but rather give anyone who so desires, a chance to see some Really strange shit.  Hungry minds must be fed.


Comments on: "Drawing Slump" (17)

  1. Damn…you libs confuse me. Just what the hell is so radical…so scary…about a desire for rule of law, for constitutional governance?

    Hmmm…maybe it’s the fact that constitutional governance deands self-sufficiency and personal responsibility…rekkin’ that’s it? Constitutional governance would do away with the cradel to grave nanny state and make people take care of themselves…and rely on their neighbors when help is needed, and they know their neighbors wouldn’t lift a finger…

    • The rule of law is a fine concept, it’s just some of the idiot laws that are the problem. And the folks that make em.

  2. I agree. I’ll even allow that the constitution, bill of rights, and other amendments since may be imperfect and need changing.

    So..change it. There IS a way to do that, you know. If those are wrong, change them, don’t ignore them…and ridicule those who believe that we are, or should be, a nation of laws.

  3. Hansi,
    Enjoy that fishing trip. Breath deep and let your thought flow. You’ll be back to normal in no time.

  4. Hansi, good luck with the fishing…..just a observation that I have had in the past…….some people love the founding fathers but hate the stuff they wrote…..there is where the confusion should be….with that said……the slump will not last long….and you will be back and better than ever.

  5. What the founding fathers wrote I agree with…however, I disagree with the revisionist versions that most progressives like to quite.

    • Hey you guys. This was supposed to be a post about my drawing slump, not somebody’s fondling, oops founding father 🙂

  6. Some classic Hansi here … “Getting paid a goodly sum to crank-out mindless bullshit is certainly more lucrative then sitting here at Hansi’s cranking out mindless bullshit for free” … love it!

    And your reasoning about turning SP and MB into sex objects. Spot-on. I like that you volunteer that.

    PS. Am I supposed to be looking hard at that agitator in Sarah’s tub?

  7. LOL! Love the illustration and agree with your post. So sorry to hear about your parent’s illness!

  8. Mixing the pooty and politics. That is so Republican Sex Scandal.:-P

    Very interesting three-way you envision. Good taste – beautiful women. But Newt should be nowhere in the original or sequel. *shudder*

  9. I’ll tell you what I tell that deadb^H^H^H^H^H charming and talented son of yours: draw anyway.

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