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You’ve no doubt heard of POTUS, that’s The President Of The United States, and of course there’s SCOTUS, The Supreme Court Of The United States. Well if you remember what ya learned in Jr High about government and civics and all that crap, you’ll remember that there’s a third branch of government in the US. I like to call it COITUS, Congress Often Intercoursing The United States. And with one of the lowest approval ratings of all times, it seems like a perfectly good acronym for our Congress, cause it sure seems like their only mission of late has been to screw the people of the United States.

I wouldn’t mind so bad, if we were all getting screwed by Congress, but it sure seems like they’re busy raping the middle class of late. The middle class wants Jobs. What do we get? Arguments and going to the mat over the Debt ceiling. We want some degree of security. What do we get? Talk of dismantling of the social safety-net. We want government to raise taxes to pay off out massive debt. What do we get? A continuation of tax breaks and ultra low tax rates for the rich.

I thought those guys we elected were supposed to represent us. Oh well, maybe I’m just being a wee bit naive. But at least I came up with the COITUS acronym and that makes it all worth it.


Comments on: "COITUS" (19)

  1. APTTW – All power to the workers(and retirees that worked a whole lot).

  2. Hansi…COITUS? I love it….well done!

  3. Gotta trademark that one, Hansi. VERY nice!!

  4. Hansi, not the interruptus type then? Pity they all don’t pull out, here in the UK too.


  5. HGansi….sorry I could not resist…had to tweet it!

    • Go for it. Once anything has been digitized, and that includes COITUS, it’s out there in the world for everyone to use.

  6. Good one!

    PS–Sometimes you scare me 🙂

  7. Wow, what a drawing!

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Massive shipments of saltpeter to Congress, right now!

  9. Priceless, Hansi! “We get the whole enchilada, and usually in the rear” … so good.

    Love the guy’s counting house and his well-defined calves.

  10. Hansi,
    I can feel your pain but isn’t coitus supposed to be pleasant?

  11. my take on the fucking of america – http://www.tbaoo.com/2011/08/13/vote-for-dummy-your-choice/ – 2012 will be a frightening time for the whole world not just america 😦

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