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Do Blogs Evolve?

I whipped this little number out in my psychedelic journal this morning.  The old P J (psychedelic journal, but maybe I should call  it the old S J as that’s more like what it sounds like) is a good vehicle for my to sublimate some thought s or stuff that’s been on my mind for a while.  Or maybe its more like a cough syrup expectorant; and this is something I hacked up.  Anyway, as long as it’s not a laxative, we’re OK and you know what I mean.

So dig this shit: It seems like blogs have certain themes.  Mine does, and you can get a feel for them in the categories section to your right.  So my question is do blogs evolve?   Well that was stupid, of course they do.  I guess the real question is how does one handle , or deal with the evolution, one sees occurring on ones blog?

Now I don’t like to get all personal here at Hansi.  This ain’t a “look at my dysfunctional life, what fun”,  type of blog.  But you know what, and I hate to admit it, but YES IT IS.   Damn, I must be sitting on a warm fuzzy this morning, but I’ve come to realize that everything in this blog is a reflection of me and my mind….Sorry.   Here’s an inside view of the Hallincinatorium

So…Just to throw it out there for general discussion.  Has your blog/blogging changed or evolved?  How did it happen?  How did ya deal with it?

“Hey what about More Fun with Spam part 2?”  I’ll post it tomorrow.  Today was just a little detour.  A side-trip if you will.




Comments on: "Do Blogs Evolve?" (27)

  1. Hansi,
    The answer is absolutely yes. As I continue to blog, I find myself less interested in entertainment and more into leaving markers so I can possibly get back from wherever blogging is taking me.

    • Wow…thanks for the reply. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on what you mean by being less interested in entertainment and more into leaving markers.

      • OK. I guess to begin with I was on an ego trip thinking that I was clever and could assemble an interesting assortment of entertaining content that I found elsewhere with a few of my observations. Pretty soon I discovered that I really wasn’t special or good enough to distinguish myself and my vision evolved. I wasn’t providing entertainment and I didn’t possess any real ability but I was finding out more about me and what to do with the rest of my life. What can I learn? What can I become? What am I missing? I thought that there might be people exploring the same ground (I have found a few). But I no longer expect to become Darren Rowse. I see my posts as trail markers so that maybe I can make some sense about my journey and maybe help me get back if I risk falling off the end of the earth. Damn. Hansi. Did you study to be a shrink down there at the House of Pain?

      • Wow, thanks Ralph for the insightful reply. We seem to be going down similar paths. But hey, when I first started blogging, I followed you around the blog-o-sphere, and came across a lot of interesting blogs about blogging, making money on the Internet and all that type of stuff. I try to be entertaining, and call Hansi a humor blog, but when I watch the Daily Show or Colbert Report, I realize I’m a mere ammeter (but then again I don’t have a staff of writers grinding out material for me). I’m seeing my posts on both of my blogs as being trail markers too (thanks for the explanation). In fact I’m seeing my blogs in more and more an autobiographical light, and love the idea that I’m publishing it all for the world (or those few that are interested) to see. The best part is I’m meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world, some of whom share my views, but most of whom are going through the same, or are on a similar journey as mine. I’m not a ‘shrink’, but one thing the House of Pain taught me was to look at things objectively and realize that changing ones circumstances is possible…but not always easy. I think there’s a lot of Boomers out there exploring this same ground. There’s probably little risk in us falling off the end of the earth; I’d call it following your own bliss.

  2. I still write like I did when I started, but I’ve become more focused. I started with 17 categories…the good Dr. WordPress told be I was trying to cover enough stuff for 7 blogs and a fulltime job…

    I cut that to 5, then split one of those, politics, off to a separate blog.

    • Having two different blogs is the way to go, and you’ve done well with Juicy Maters and Common Sense Conversation. I love what you’re doing with Juicy Maters, sharing your homesteading adventures and yurt living experiences in Georgia. Finally figgered out “Maters” mean tomatoes (thought you were talking about juicy matters…mmmm, hot stuff). I’m getting sick of politics on both sides. And am finding that political argument is nothing but a waste of time which does little more than make me upset and dissatisfied with the otherwise pleasant lifestyle I enjoy. I’m still gonna vote, but want to put Fox and MSNBC out of my mind for a while.

  3. It takes time to develop a voice, so yes every blog evolves. I think we mostly start out with one idea and over time, we cut and add as it seems prudent or as interest takes us. Single subjects do best, but I’m way to eclectic to live by that. I have taken out all the crafting stuff, and don’t do many recipes any more. I have lowered my religious content. Mostly I do politics with hopefully enough humor to keep ’em coming back. lol

    • Thanks for your input. Being somewhat new to your blog, I would have never guessed there were recipes and craft ideas at one time. Things certainly have evolved for you and your blog.

  4. I am evolving along quite well . Currently australopithecus africanus.

  5. I’m still looking for the missing link!

  6. hansi i think you and tim burton should collaborate on a film of modern life !!! – tbaoo has evolved as i kept adding content, adsense, social media tricks and groups and of course three changes to the wordpress theme. i think it will continue to grow and now that i’ve typed this, may change the look (theme) when a really tricky one is found. love your work and your mind – cheers alan

    • Thanks Alan…tbaoo has always been a big inspiration for me. You always are able to come up with new and fresh stuff.

  7. I guess my blogs will evolve when I get around to evolving. 🙂

  8. Mine has….it started out as “Studies and Observations” it was to help in my rehab from a crushed leg in 2005…I started with the last war Lebanon and some general thoughts and …..look at me now! LOL

  9. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yes, they do, Hansi. In fact, I deleted some early posts of mine because they were so poorly written and too, too trivial and uninteresting. I’m still working on forming a theme in my head and I worry that sometimes I’m all over the place. I’ve read, from “expert” bloggers, that creating a niche through focused themes will create a far more successful blog than one that flits all over the place with subject matter. However, I can’t imagine sticking with one niche – so, I try to work at an underlying common theme. Don’t know that I’ve been successful yet at it. Would a sign of success be that a reader could explain what a person’s blog is about?

    • The “experts” may be right is your goal is to cash in on your Blog. But I like the freedom of being all over the place, and even a little unpredictable. As far as a underlying common theme, I think your blog reflects your life, views and artwork quite well.

  10. Hi Hansi. Love your work, especially the eye-boobs.

    Good questions you’ve raised. The more I blog, the more I see I have to chuck out everything I knew about writing.

    For most of my time blogging, until quite recently, I kept getting blogging and writing confused, and I wouldn’t be straight with myself that I was blogging. Too much the stuff of the plebs. Now at least I’m willing to own up that I’m a pleb too 🙂

    • Those are some Solid Gold thoughts. And really I do indeed mean that. Just because I’m siting behind a keyboard typing out a bunch of crap doesn’t mean I’m “writing”. I personally am doing no such thing. I think basically I’m talking to my readers (other folks) and what I “write” is actually how I might speak to you if we were having a conversation over a beer or whatever your favorite form of refreshment is. Is that what you meant? Or is that just some more toxic waste spilling out of my mind?

  11. I adore your toxic waste.

    I think “basically talking to other folks” pretty much sums up what this blogging thing is about. Just taken me a while to get it. Plus, sometimes, I just want to write for myself and to hell with the other folks …

  12. I think blogs evolve if the writer is willing to look, learn and listen. There are so many creative people in the blogging world – what a gold mine of ideas to tap into!

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