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Obey All Laws

I’m havin’ a kinda sixties afternoon. No work today, just mowed the backyard lawn, and now I’m feeling a bit mellow, with a seditious streak of civil disobedience comin’ on. As a Probation Officer, I had to enforce a lot of probation terms the Court imposed on people, such as report to me monthly, go to counseling, test for drug use, and most importantly pay all the fee’s that were imposed [this probation stuff don’t come cheap].

But the first and foremost term the Court imposed upon granting (legal term for putting your ass on) probation was: Obey All Laws. That was the catch-all term. A probationer, could miss an appointment, show up late, claim he can’t afford counseling and do a host of other stuff to generally piss you off, and have little happen to him. BUT, if they didn’t Obey All Laws, and picked up a new arrest, well that enabled me to really jump in their shit and create a world of hurt for some poor sap.

Not only was he screwed for getting arrested, the dumb turd was in violation of probation cause He did not Obey All Laws. Double screwed; gotcha by each cheek kinda screwed. Time to get even with the ‘dirt-bag’ cause now I could also violate him for: not reporting, not going to counseling, etc. Damn, the government really has some power over peoples lives. I’m even starting to get a little paranoid myself thinking about it; what happened to the munchies I was just craving?

Too conspiratorial. No Not really. It’s how things work. And it’s how The Law works; it makes us do stuff we really don’t care to do (pay taxes for one); and we all do it cause with the law comes penalties for not obeying them. “Wow Hansi, How profound.” Yeah I know. But here’s the thing: the Law is a bunch of bullshit. It’s just one group’s desire to impose their views and values upon another (usually less numerous) group. That’s what’s going on in politics, both sides want to make the laws which we all have to live by.

My Son once said, “Any law that can be broken is a mere suggestion.” This is from a UC Berkeley School of Engineering graduate. And quit right on. Laws of physics such as gravity are not mere suggestions, and carry an automatic penalty if violated with impunity. Can’t manipulate your way out of that one, nor will a really expensive lawyer do ya any good.

But a really expensive lawyer definitely will help ya out, if you’re wrongly arrested and seeking justice. The question is: How much justice can you afford? Justice don’t come cheap. My daughter is a licensed Private Investigator and does legal investigations for defense attorneys. She’s the person that goes out their, talking to witnesses, digging upon favorable information, or find less severe alternatives to incarceration. She charges $75 an hour for her services; image what the attorney she’s working for is charging his clients?

So the law is a bunch of bullshit, and here’s an example of how it’s hardly unchangeable, let alone etched in stone. It used to be that possession of marijuana was a felony drug offense in California. After the sixties, when a lot of white college kids started smokin’ pot, and started getting busted for it, marijuana possession in California became a misdemeanor. And then when everybody in the Golden State started getting high, possession of less than an ounce was an infraction: no jail term, fine only. Cultivation and transportation of weed were still felonies, but seldomly enforced if found in small amounts.

Here’s the real kicker: Just before Arnold left as governor of California (don’t know if he was still screwin’ the help at the time), marijuana possession became less than an infraction; never going on your “permanent record” [I love that term…so fifties], but only carrying a $100 fine. But hey! Why even risk a $100 fine; better by far to invest it, and go see a special California Doctor for an evaluation to determine if you suffer from one of the maladies for which marijuana could provide relief from suffering. Yep, and thank you people of the State of California for voting in the Compassionate Usage Act in 1996. Ya see, if you suffer from arthritis (hey I got that), insomnia (shit, sometimes it’s hard for me to go to sleep), anxiety (Who the hell isn’t scared of what’s going on in this country?), nausea (Some of that stuff even makes me wanna puke). And… here’s the best one of all: “Any condition for which the use of marijuana would provide relief from suffering.” Well then, you too can get a “recommendation” from your doctor that makes it totally legal to not only use marijuana, but to have up to eight ounces in possession for personal use ( I’m a very sick man) and grow up to six mature, or twelve immature, marijuana plants. ( I love gardening…Happy days are here again).

Wow…how’s that for some real bullshit, or good shit depending on your preferences. What was once a serious felony, is now totally legal (if your ‘Special’ Doctor recommends it, and the ones who specialize in Pot evaluations always do or they don’t get paid).  Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating marijuana use. Nope, Obeying All laws is so ingrained in me that I could never do that. But, it sure is interesting to think about how the law works, and to always stay on the right side of the law.


Serious Time:  OK…this is basically a humor blog.  And at times I like to take on the persona of an old hippie stoner.   If the shoe fits…..But having spent 30 years in Corrections I have seen the devastating affects of substance abuse in all its forms.  If you have an addictive personality; You should not use Marijuana!  If you are dealing with mental health issues such as depression, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia; You should Definitely not use marijuana.  If you are a teenager you should not use Marijuana!

If you are in chronic pain and consider using marijuana, don’t take it lightly and think “Oh Boy , a legal way to get stoned”.  Marijuana is a natural, yet highly potent herb, and not all weed is the same.  It can provide Relief from suffering, but never cure the cause.  For me there is a big difference between Pain and Suffering.  Pain is a variety of physiological sensations; Suffering is how one relates to these sensations.  The relief marijuana gives is that it takes your mind off of the constant and irritating knowledge that you are in pain and don’t like it.  Trouble is: marijuana wears off, suffering returns; “don’t want to ever suffer again; I’ll just stay high”, and you got the real potential for a problem with dependancy.   

If you so choose to use this herb.  Know what you are doing.  Know the difference between Sativa and Indica varieties  and how they  can effect you.  And by all means stay on the right side of the law.  If you live in a medical marijuana legal State.  Get a frickin’ card for god’s sake.  Our government is busily screwing with peoples rights enough already.  You want them haulin’ your ass off to jail for feeling too good?

Lastly, all things in moderation!!!


Comments on: "Obey All Laws" (22)

  1. Love the art work and the commentary

  2. So that’s why you are so keen on gardening Hansi, here was me thinking you were a flower lover when all the time you prefer weed(s).

    I have never indulged in pot, all my preferences either come out of a pot or a bottle.

    A-U-L, UK


    • Bill…I once did believe in Flower Power, still do. I think the thing is “preferences” andone should be free to choose their own.

  3. Being a former defense attorney, I am reading a fair amount between the lines here. I formally agree with you, but heck, legislating morality or anyone’s notion of it, just plainly doesn’t work. I’d rather see legalization of all this stuff, and more help to those who lose their way. Education and health matters most.

    • I agree….The ‘War on Drugs’ was lost long ago. Better to rehabilate users than prosecute them; my god, the jails are full enough already with substance abuse related offenders, and we can no longer afford to house them. We almost legalized marijuana in California last year. Hard to believe that the two most destructive substances out there: tobacco and alcohol, are not only legal, but advertised widely and (most importantly) taxed. Oh well, there’s always 2012.

  4. Very good observation regarding pain vs. suffering. And also determines how much pain and suffering you cause the people around you!

    Also, I think you’re on to something regarding laws. if you play out your logic about obeying all laws, you could get into more trouble by not paying your $100 fine for possession than you would be in for possession in the first place. That’s certainly true of parking fines!

    • I heard the idea about pain and suffering being two different things form a guy who ran a Zen hospice. Pretty right on in my opinion.

  5. Hansi, love what your son said, and your turn of phrase really tickles me. Agree with the sentiments too; the law is nothing more than a general agreement to regard something as the law. All made up.

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    You were on a roll (not that kind) weren’t you? This marijuana problem is going to consume resources for the next decade, and how unfortunate that is. I still don’t know whether it’s a good idea to legalize it.

    • The basic argument for legalizing weed in California last year was: If ya legalize something everybody is already doing, then you can tax the hell out of it. Also, with legalization, you remove the criminal element. The flaw in that argument is taxation just moves the money from one bunch of crooks to another: our elected officials 🙂

  7. Hansi,
    Are you trying to turn off your readers? You want us to think? You need some meds.

  8. Your son is a sage!

    So the law is a bunch of bullshit, and here’s an example of how it’s hardly unchangeable, let alone etched in stone.

    Exactly. If you have to obey all laws, you have to keep on top of the changes.

    ;lol: Love the balding Moses.

  9. My post 4/1/11 a must see for you re this post of yours.Hemp for paper and clothing fiber is strong useful and very little harmful by-product waste. The Hearst God had pot outlawed to gain monopoly on paper production now made from trees instead as he owned the forests

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