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Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep. It starts when you’re always afraid, Step out of line and the man comes and takes you away. You better stop! What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.” So goes the Buffalo Springfield song “For what it’s worth”.

OK, granted that was a sixties protest song about the Hollywood Sunset Strip riots. But it still has some meaning today. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that we are living in a climate of fear, and it’s being broadcast 24/7 on every media outlet available.

Now there’s some real scary-ass shit going on that folks should be concerned about, but damn; Paranoia does seem to be striking deep. And its creepin into my life. If you are retired, or near retirement and follow the financial markets. You’re constantly being reminded to invest wisely, and to consider all these and those variables before pulling the plug. Now these helpful reminders of how much is enough are usually brought to you by those concerned folks at Fidelity, one of America’s Biggest Mutual fund companies. And their answer to how much is enough is generally : There’s never enough!

Makes me wonder what’s driving all this fear. Money! Money? Hell yes. If you’re always afraid, what do you want the most? A little protection sounds good to me. And there’s just the right product , service, or investment vehicle out there to do just that…for a price. The ever constant message being broadcast to us is: “Things are shitty. But they can be less so if ya buy this product”. And the prevalent myth of today: “You’re not good enough. You gotta work harder to make your life better”. How does life get better. Well by running out and buying something. Instant gratification works for me. Cause when I want gratification, I want it now. It wouldn’t be gratifying if I had to wait for it.

The trippy thing about all this fear stuff is that it’s all future oriented, and not usually something that you’re experiencing now, but rather something you want to avoid in the future. So it’s not truly  real, but more a mind state. This conclusion is not the result of some chromosomal damage done a long time ago. But what’s actually, really happening. We are told “ya better watch out”, so instead of being happy and enjoying life, we watch out. Why, cause we wanna be happy and not have bad stuff happen to ourselves. And in the process become unhappy, don’t live life in the present moment, where life is generally  pretty good, and we experience fear as a result.

Maybe all this is just too bizarre. But perhaps just Stopping; actually listening to the Sound (for what it’s worth), and seeing what’s Going Down, can help. Then maybe you’ll be able to say:  “Hello Fear.  It’s you again.  I know you have quite a compelling story for me.  But I’ve heard it before.  I’m not interested.  No thank you.”


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  1. You are so correct. We live in a world that creates its own drama for its own benefits. I read a piece that I linked to a few days ago about the methods used by Fox to control their audience. Fear mongering was at the top of the list. Then you make sure you define “others” as the cause of the danger. Then you wrap the flag around “your” group, and assign “otherness” to “them.” Corporatocracy functions through Madison Avenue under a theory that unless you buy “this” your life will be worthless. So we end up at age 60 with a house stuffed to the rafters with “stuff” most of which we haven’t seen or used in years and we aren’t one wit happier than we were when we started the great quest. Meanwhile a thousand sunsets, few thousand bird songs have gone unseen and unheard. Pitiful aren’t we?

    • You know, i thought i was being a little too 60’s or zen-like with this one, but what’s being commonly prescribed these days just don’t seem to be workin’.

  2. Good post…I love the Buffalo Springfield reference….I am old enough to remember them vividly……..

    • A great LA band. Lots of great musicians came out of that group. The message still seems to strangely ring true even (especially) today

  3. Living in the moment avoids the imaginary fears. This can be done with just three words; Be, Here, Now. Easier said than done, but the here and now is usually quite pleasant, why worry about things you can’t control? A few beers usually helps as well.

  4. Hansi,
    I love Buffalo Springfield. but I never heard of the Sunset Strip Riots. When I came to LA in 1970 I lived one block off Sunset near the Beverly Hills end (under the 9000 Building). No riots anytime I lived there. Everything was way laid back and cool. I think a little paranoia from time to time is healthy You get in trouble trusting people.

  5. Right on as usual! In fact, the more I think of it, kind of profound.

    Only slightly related, I have a book recommendation for you. Check out Cadillac Beach by Tim Dorsey. You will appreciate it’s general insanity and underlying premise.

    • Thanks. I don’t know about profound, but the last paragraph is pretty much straight-up Insight Meditation.

      I’ll check out the book.

  6. One thing I have learned Hansi, is that whatever politicians, salesmen or financial ‘experts’ advise is a good investment or purchase, then it’s wise to stay well clear.

    Most of the purchases we are told are essential are only essential to the sellers commision rates. I have always lived for today without worrying too much about the future, as John says we can’t control it.

    That’s not to say I haven’t invested wisely with a view to the future though, but only in things I was convinced were viable.

    Now if you would like some advice off me and are willing to invest a few hundred thousand dollars, with a guaranteed 100% return in 6 months, then I know just the thing for you and your readers……..

    A-U-L, UK


    • Right On Bill. A true contrarian! Hey, I got a few $100k laying around not earning squat. My check is in the mail.

  7. I loved this post. Future oriented fear has to be the worst. Especially since we’re only promised right now.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. Seems like all fear is future oriented. When shit happens, we usually turn to the fight or flight response. When i was a child, I was afraid of the “Boogie Man”, who would come and get ya in the dark; always had a nite-light on as a kid. When I grew up, I realized there was no such thing as the Boogie Man, but there were some really scary motherfuckers out there like Dick Cheney. Them I could deal with.

  8. i like to keep up with what’s going on in america, and i agree you’re one scared race of people – all round and about everything. some you have to but most completely out of whack. i like your answer “i’m not interested – no thank you” .. 🙂

    • Well Alan, we can thank your boy Rupert Murdock and his Fox ‘News’ station for a lot of that. But yes we are one scared race of people over here in the land of plenty.

  9. Good post, Hansi. Can never have too many reminders to enjoy the present moment.

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