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Women With Weapons

I like the freedom that my other blog,  The Blithering Idiot,  provides me with, as it’s turned into pretty much a drawing blog for me to post the strange stuff inside me that ends up on paper.  No big narrative or progressive points to make;  just Splat!!  Slap a recent drawing on there and it is what it is.

I saw an ad for the cable TV show Weeds, and liked the pose of the star so much I drew it from memory and with embellishment.

And when you’re on a roll with something, ya might as well do a series.

So that’s what I cranked out one afternoon after a grueling four hours of monotony at the House of Pain.  June 28th was a pretty good day for me; hope it was good for you.

Sure glad going back to work is having no negative impact on my retirement lifestyle.


Comments on: "Women With Weapons" (4)

  1. Who needs meds when you have the house of pain?

  2. Your drawings are always a delight!

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