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Looking For Love

I love old rock and roll song lyrics.  Especially idiotic ones that I’ve written myself.  If you’ve Googled “Looking for love” in the hopes of finding true love,  you’re in the wrong spot.  But maybe this little ditty will keep your dirty mind off  sex for a while.  Maybe not.

I’ve climbed over mountains

I’ve searched through the trees

I’m lookin’ for my baby

I’ve searched the seven seas

Lookin’ for my baby.  Yeah… I’m lookin’ for love.

Through the deepest of forests

Through the thickest of trees

Through the burning burning desert

Crawling on my knees.

Lookin’ for my baby.  Yes… I’m lookin’ for love.

I went to see the guru

To see if she was there.

I rented myself a space ship

But soon ran out of air

Lookin’ for my baby.  Yeah… I’m lookin’ for love.


Well there ya have it and there it is.  What’s really cool, besides this being an epic song about mankind’s desire to find love, but usually in all the wrong places, is that I discovered a new drawing medium.  Crayola “Twistables” colored pencils.  The grandsons were over for the weekend, and the Wife pulled these out.  Logan, the three year old, scribbled the above, and grandpa took over from there.

If ya want to hear the really good version of “Looking For A Love”  check-out the Valentinos 1962 hit featuring Bobby Womack.  Evil You Tube changed things so this link takes ya there.

The Valentinos  “I’m Looking For A Love“.


Comments on: "Looking For Love" (12)

  1. At least you are sitting at the bar in a relatively awake fashion. I would have been on the floor licking spilled vodka. Did that 35 years. Clean and sober 9+ years now.

    • Way to go Carl. Although I make a lot of allusions to getting high , hallucinating and altered mind states here at Hansi’s Hallucinations, I truly value clarity of mind and especially freedom from addictions. Be they drugs, alcohol, tobacco or even food. Getting a monkey off of one’s back is no easy task. And people that are able to do so are to be congratulated and esteemed not for any weakness they may have once had, but the strength they now have.

  2. I just love syncronicity. We watched Don Juan DeMarco last night. (Depp is my sigh-boy). I would guess this song would be perfect! lol….As always, I adore you funky drawings.

    • Everybody be looking for love. Thanks…funky drawings courtesy of the crayola company. The first name in fine arts supplies 🙂

  3. Hansi,
    So are we going to see more of the twistables art and what about getting three generations of art from the family.

  4. Daughter and 3 grandkids just left from pool time and lunch. Woulda never been able to have a quality day.

  5. Will the grandsons keep the drawings clean when they grow up or will they go down the Hansi road?

    A-U-L, UK


  6. I enjoyed your lyrics. 🙂 LOL!

    And thanks as always for your fun limerick contribution to this week’s Limerick-Off!

  7. 😆 I can’t tell if that guy is at a titty bar or “accidentally” dropped something to look up that lady’s skirt.

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