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Lying Sack Of Shit

I love that term.  It’s an oldie and has a kinda retro feel to it.  But it also has a strong meaning to it, inferring that the one lying is doing so intentionally and with contempt; the object being to deceive, but in a manner obvious to all.  This is not to be confused with the other lying sack of shit.  A shit sack that’s been laid down somewhere, probably because whoever did so was a Lazy Sack Of Shit.

Now in Probationland we were especially fond of describing people as cloth containers filled with refuse.  Dirt-bag was a favorite, along with Scumbag.  I think Dirt-bag was more like a generic term for clients, and scumbag a more specific description.  Scumbag was the worst, because, well dirt is dirt, but Scum…yuk!  that’s like yukkie on top of yuk.

Back to Lying Sacks of Shit.  There a beneficial sacks of shit, suck as the two cubic foot bag of steer manure I bought to spread on my garden.  My tomatoes, green beans and carrots really eat that stuff up.  But the Evil Lying Sacks of Shit try to mimic manure, by spreading their lies and hoping that all of us will eat it up, and without question.  Now that’s bad.

I think it’s in politics where most of the Shit Sacks are lying around.  One of my favorites is Newt Gingrich.  Old Newt has told some whoppers in his day, and he’s back!  Sadly, he’s not now spreading lies, but the truth, and eating shit as a result.  Old Newt rightfully said Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program was an extreme right-wing attempt at social engineering.  Right on Newt.  Sorry it didn’t fly too well with the Extreme Right.  There’s always 2016.

Arnold, my former governor, could be accused of being a LSOS for living a lie for ten years, what with fornicating the help and then having an child with her.  But I can’t really blame Arnold the Sperminator totally.  Everybody knew who/what Arnold was before we elected him in a re-call election.  It’s the people of California who are dumb sacks of shit for thinking he’s changed or could even govern.  Movies are usually pretend.

US Representative Anthony Weiner.  Caught putting questionable stuff on Face Book.  With a name like Weiner, you never post a picture of your wiener for everyone to see, and then claim someone hacked into your account.  My god!  didn’t he learn anything from a childhood of being mercilessly teased about his last name?  I like his politics.  He’s still a Lying Sack of Shit; and a dumb one at that!

I could go on and on about who I feel worth of the distinction:  Lying Sack Of Shit.  But my intent is not to create a “Bandini Mountain” on this blog, but let you have a rip at it.  Anyone you feel worthy?

Comments on: "Lying Sack Of Shit" (21)

  1. Good post Hansi…..you old sack of shit .

  2. Don’t use manure in your garden, The undigested seeds sprout weeds. Then you’ll have a sore back and a sack of resentment cleaning them out.

    • That’s good to know. I usually use my own compost in the garden, but there’s a lot of seeds in it, which creates a world of hurt, weeding wise.

  3. Hansi,
    Thank heaven that you have turned your attention to the blogosphere where you can meet some higher level people. With the proper inspiration, there is no limit to where you can go and you can leave the sacks of shit in the garden where they belong.

  4. I read this first thing in the morning and it brightened my day! I’d never thought of it before but there is something verbally satisfying about that term. And it’s so versatile. You can put dumb, stupid, lazy, or just about any adjective. I’m going to make liberal use of it today!

  5. Hansi, Arnie was even a S.O.S. in movies, so I can only imagine what he was like as a politician. Never heard of Newt Gingrich but the name says it all.

    Here in the land of incompetent leaders we use the term ‘bag of shit’, similar to yours but with the same meaning.

    A-U-L, UK


    • Newt is an old, soon to be has-been republican politician over here. I’m quite sure you have your own UK equivalent.

  6. Bill Clinton was a lying sack of shit. Loved him as a President though.

  7. I’m a big fan of the term lying sack of shit.
    I try to include it at least once in my day to day conversation.
    And yes – I concur.
    …but as for Arnie – he’ll be back….. (see what I did there ;-))

  8. I hereby nominate the entire Republican Party! 🙂

  9. geezerpussrex said:

    For your international readership, you should have pointed out that Bandini was a manure-based fertilizer once peddled in Southern California via clever television advertisements. If you don’t make that clear, some members of the vicious Bandini crime syndicate may come gunning for you.

    I don’t suppose they shipped Bandini shit far from Bandini Mountain, which was depicted as a mound of manure so high that it attracted skiers. If it’s still out there, it would make for a memorable visit. Why go all the way to Disneyland when you can exit Interstate 5 at Bandini Boulevard? Let the family have a first-hand whiff of glorious used hay. It’s an “E” ticket ride!

    All in all, your LSOS blog is good shit from stem to stern. As such, next time we’re up at the geezer creeks, I suggest we torch a few more cowpies in commemoration of all political assholes who’ve provided you with fuel.

  10. hansi, i think a complete glossary of your probationary terms would be very enlightening .. i await their brilliant entry into my inbox .. 😉

  11. Hehe … so American

    • Yeah it tis truly an American phenomenon; there’s a lot of sacks of shit lying all around America these days.

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