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I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to go to Lone Pine in the eastern California Sierras.  I go there to yank cold-blooded creatures out of their natural environment. Taking advantage of their voracious appetites and fascination with bright, flashy shining objects, I tempt them with food wherein are hidden barbed hooks, with which I snare them and suffocate them in a hostile atmosphere,  for the sole purpose of consuming their flesh.  This fiendish pursuit is more commonly known as fishing.  And eating fresh State of California Department of Fish and Game recently planted rainbow trout is sumptuous delight.

Well, the fishing was good, and so were the hallucinations.  These three pages from my psychedelic journal chronicle the event and are posted for your edification



There you have it and there it is.  I was looking over this post and realized: damn, I have an issue with work.   I think more fishing and less work is the answer.  Hallucinations optional.


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  1. Definitely comic book novel talent here.

    • My journal stuff is rough and free flowing, no sketching, just letting it rip and working into whatever may appear. It’s also a cheap way of not having to come up with a bunch of narrative, or a rant on something stupid.

  2. Sounds like the biggest challenge you might have is if a fish bites at exactly the same time a brilliant hallucination that must be captures strikes–that would require some interesting multitasking!

    • I know…It would be hard to tell which was real. When I go fishing, getting fish is always my first priority (gotta have goals). Hallucinating falls more into the post-fishing, recovery time, when I can properly reflect on all the fishing (real or unreal) that I’ve done.

  3. As usual, your drawings are a delight!

  4. i love your description but not the notion of animal cruelty and abuse it seems ..:)

    • Too many years in Corrections and the writing of legalese, wherein graphic, overly descriptive language can take the fun out of anything.

  5. Great sketchbook drawing! Very animated.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m a big fan of your work too. I rarely post stuff right out of my journal, preferring to post more ‘finished’ work that is illustrating the post content I do. But, a little glance into the Inner Sanctum is sometimes beneficial. For who??? I don’t know.

  6. Those notebook sketches are very free flowing- like stream of consiousness. Wonder what they would look like it you sketched at work.

    • I don’t know about that one. All my journal entries are made when I’m pretty well medicated, and ‘medicine’ and work don’t seem to work so well together 🙂

  7. A blogging crime fighting super talented artist to! one can only begin to imagine what drawings may follow!

    • Wow…that puts a lot of pressure on me to really crank out some good stuff. We’ll see if I’m up to the task.

  8. I’m beginning to think that all you did was go out to the middle of nowhere and draw about fishing there Hansi! =) Did you actually catch a fish? Do you have photo proof? Or is the idea of going fishing just one of your many hallucinations? These are the things that make me go, hmmmmmmm…. =)

    • There’s more to fishing than just yanking slimy creatures out of the water. And a good strong hallucination and a couple of beers are part of it. Actually caught a lot of fish: five per day is the limit in California.

  9. I’m not into fishing Hansi but doing something you enjoy, especially with a beer or three is definitely better than working. Plus you have the added bonus of a free supper.

    A-U-L, UK


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