mind expanding nonsense


I drew this picture without having anything in mind, except perhaps to base a post on the results. What I see may differ from what you see content-wise. And your interpretation can be totally different from mine. Hey….I only drew it, haven’t written about it yet.

But here are a few scenarios that came to my mind:

A Super being is standing next to a railing looking down upon the Earth. Is he contemplating an intervention? Have things gotten so out of control on planet Earth, that extra terrestrial help is our only hope? He contemplates his actions. “Should I, or shouldn’t I?”.  Each has it’s own risks. “If I intervene, I save them but they learn nothing. If I don’t. They’re doomed to extinction”. A chorus of heavenly hosts chimes in, making it even more difficult to decide. “What should I do?”

A Super being is overlooking the Earth. Seeing constant motion from her inhabitants, he becomes amused. “What strange creatures”, he thinks. “Wish I had a quarter for some food pellets to throw at then, but I left my wallet at home. He readily tires of this confusion, and moves on to the next exhibit.

A Super being beholding Earth, thinks: “Gawd, my feet hurt, and these boots are killin’ me”. To make matters worse, he’s a hundred yards from the nearest bathroom and really has to go. “Wonder if anyone is looking?” he muses. “It would sure be funny to pee on them and see what happens”. But being on probation for an indecent exposure conviction, he thinks the better of it and hikes to the nearest head.

A Super being takes a break form his tasks. “I did good!”, “All is well. Just as it should be. Wouldn’t change a thing”, he reflects. “What do you guys think?” Opinions erupt, each coming from a slightly different point of view, but in the end they all agree and start to sing (in four part harmony) “All is Well;  Wouldn’t change a thing.

Well… that’s four scenarios that came to my mind. What comes to yours?


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  1. Hansi,
    Here is my take. There is this guy whose mother dresses him funny. Not like all the other guys. And then he has hair while all the others are bald. Well he feels weird with his strange duds and hair and all so he tries to get away from the ordinary nondescript bald guys and he runs into this fence. Should he go to the other side? Maybe there are some other guys with medals and all. Maybe even hair. Still he wonders. It might be worse. Over there I might be ordinary. Better stay.

  2. I see a man who wants to stand out from the crowd. Who has something special to offer, yet is lost in a world where he just isn’t noticed.
    I often feel like this character.
    To give anything to just be appreciated.
    To give anything just to be seen.
    I love your drawings.
    Loving this latest concept!

    • Thanks…And I appreciate You stopping by, and leaving your visions of what’s going on.

      It’s kind of a trip to try something new on the old Blog, and have it be a little interactive too.

  3. It’s simple:
    He’s an emigrant and Earth is the one and only, the perfect, place for people with a fetish for spandex and capes in the whole universe. He only has yet to decide whether to be a hero or a villain.The others are the ones that stand in lane behind him and pushing him to a decision.

  4. I see a smug man with hair, gatecrashing the bald society’s monthly meeting 😉

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