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Ever since I posted my bit on the Genie Bra (“what every woman wants”) my stats have soared.   And along with my Tri Phoria [the ‘blow your hair back’ female vibrator] posts, I’ve been getting a lot of visitors to my Hallucinations via Google searches. Now if you’ve read that crap, you probably realize that I’m not attracting a lot of ongoing fans, but rather just pissing off a multitude of women searching for answers.

But views is views, even if I’m tricking people into one of my hallucinations; it still counts. So, being ever willing to beat a dead horse into the ground, I just had to come up with something to capitalize on this windfall.

The word product placement comes to mind, but having no business experience, and being a little short on the concept, product placement to me would necessitate the purchase of two Tri Phoria vibrators and strategically placing them in the Genie Bra. Other, non-traditional applications no doubt abound.  But that’s disgusting, and I’m sure your filthy mind is way ahead of me on that one.

No.. What really comes to mind are Japanese monster movies such as Godzilla and Rodan.  And, how appropriate with Japan on the verge of a nuclear meltdown. So if there was a (bigger) catastrophe over there, with radioactive particles spread all over the place, a lot of genetic damage could result, creating monstrous mutant creatures which could result in an epic battle between Tri Phoria and Genie Bra: pronounced… ‘Tly Pholeea and Genie Blah. The plot:

Nuclear disaster strikes a Japanese industrial complex. A sports bra company and high tech dildo manufacturer nearby, are polluted with radioactive contamination. After the fires are putout and life returns to normal, two mutant creatures emerge from the rubble and terrorize the newly rebuilt community. These two gigantic creatures, which make everything else look like miniature toys by comparison, then turn on themselves. Genie Bra takes out tall buildings with atomic breasts that sway from side to side, while Tri Phoria shakes the ground causing tsunamis of orgasmic proportions. In the end, Tri Phoria runs out of power, and Genie Blah, unable to support her monstrous weigh, falls to the ground…thud..thud!

I don’t know about you, but I think that would make one hell of a movie, and revive the Japanese cinema, not to mention, give my stats a lift. What do you think?


Comments on: "Tri Phoria versus Genie Bra" (20)

  1. I think that movie would work. Unfortunately, you won’t have much of an aftermarket in McDonalds Happy Meal toys, but I’m sure there will be other spinoffs!

  2. I would so watch that movie. I’d find places for your products as well.

  3. I just stopped by to thank you for participating in my latest Limerick-Off. I always enjoy your contributions.

    • Thanks Mad…Limerick Off is always a challenge, and, great fun. BTW, limerick off is worthy of a look see. Mad provides the first line of a limerick, You write the rest.

  4. I took your sage advice my friend, and still lacking a true post I spruced up my blog with a new drawing. It’s not a post, but I have now personalized my header.

    Still working on the video. It will be a fairly different from the original edit.

    Also, your post reminds me of a comic I worked on in high school set during the cold war. USSR’s top assassin was uni boob and she fought against the US’s top assassin Omni-boob. Uni-boob could use her chest to clobber combatants and could shoot radioactive/acid milk as well. Omni-boob had every type of boob in the world attached to her boobs so they resembled masses of tentacles, which she could use with a proficiency akin to Spider-Man and his web.

    • A movie featuring boobs is always a winner, no matter how many or how few. Yours would probably be R rated. I’ll check out you drawing..

  5. Ah – one of my favourite memories of my misspent youth is from when I lived in Japand for a year and specifically the time I spent living in the city of a thousand temples – a.k.a. Kyoto.

    There was a temple right behind the house I was living in and on Saturday night during the summer.they would set up a movie screen and projector on part of the lot and locals would come to watch the very best worst – triple B grade Sci-Fi movies. These werre so bad that you could sometimes see the windup keys on the tanks. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff:)

  6. Your imagination has no bounds Hansi. You should be writing books and movie scripts!

    A-U-L, UK

  7. Haha, nice plot and drawing… but i think i prefer the genie bra models a bit more than a monstrous mutant haha

  8. I saw Godzilla take on Rodan at the PX theater in Tien Mou. For 2 bits. But I forget who won.

    I’m so cool.

  9. […] head.  You may want to check out my 1950′s Japanese Godzilla/Rodan movie re-working called ‘Tri-Phoria versus Genie Bra“, complete with men in monster suits stomping the shit outta toy tanks and […]

  10. Oh my … where do I invest in this potential movie!

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