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Strange Daze

This maybe one of the strangest posts I’ve ever done, cause there’s something out there that’s blowing my mind, not with anger, or paranoia, but with an inquisitive, yet somewhat perverse perspective on the subject.

Have you ever noticed that when you want to make a comment on another blog, that along with your name (or moniker as we used to call it in crime my fighting days); your email or URL address that there is this little “word verification” box, wherein, in order to get your comment posted, ya have to type in the exact letter sequence written in flowing script above. Now, why the hell ya got to do that, I don’t know . But probably it’s a filter for Spam, or enables (an over-used byword) the Blogmeister [or mistress] a chance to screen and weed out comments that are either unflattering or down right crude.

BTW ( that means: ‘by the way’ for those of us who speak English and not just Twitterese) Oh yeah….You know what I’ gonna start doing? I’m going to allow Spam!  “No Hansi…..don’t do it.”  Yeah do it. But, edit it! You know it would be loads of fun re-wording a lot of the generic bullshit that comes through this blog. So, if ya read my stuff, and may even to continue to do so despite this post, look for some Spam editing. I’ll clearly label it as such. I wouldn’t want ya directly linking to the Spammer site to see what kind of love fest they have going on with me, space out, and not read my really good spaced out stuff.

We’ll that was a side trip….Anyway. Did you ever think that maybe these random letters aren’t so random after all, but have , or could have a multitude of hidden meanings?   Too conspiratorial?  Maybe, but worthy of investigation. Here are some real-life gems to get ya thinking:

failogra” You’re probably way ahead of me on that one. Obviously, it’s the antidote to Viagra…that uplifting drug for your wee wee. “Failogra is what they give ya at the Emergency Room when you walk in sporting one of them four hour erections. Unfortunately it has to be injected directly into the source of the problem.

slings” and “peste” sound like real words; “Peste” found primarily in Italian cooking. But how about “dicali”?  Kinda sounds like a big National Park in Alaska. But to me it sounds like a run-down part of town, were the streets are lined with trash cans, graffiti everywhere, and there’s a dimly lit alley where a bunch of guys named Richard hang out, or some combination of the words Dick, Richard, and hangout . When I was fighting crime, I had to make sure that the last combination was registered with the Authorities, didn’t live within 500 yards of a school ,and went to counseling on a regular basis.

sadwha” Now that one could be dangerous, as I fear it may be a subliminal message directed to those of Arab descent, to “drop everything, and start Jihad; the time has finally arrived”. The Christian equivalent would be “rapture”. The message: “ OK everybody, on your feet. It’s time to meet Jesus, in person”. Wow.. I ‘m starting to get a little paranoid. I sure don’t want a bunch of AK 47 carrying Arabs flying over here in commandeered 747’s; (in Libya its OK). And, I much prefer a ‘long distance’ relationship with Jesus.

Well, I could go on from here. I won’t even touch “calychy” , for it’s a vile sex-act too gross to describe on my PG 13 Blog.   [Got ya to thinking on that one??  Come on…admit it.  Now repeat after me, “I’m a naughty boy and have a filthy mind.”]  Next time you post a comment that needs word verification moderation, have some fun. I purposely screw it up to see what the new text is, kinda like playing a slot machine.

Lastly, you don’t have to go through all that BS when ya comment here at the Hallucinatorium. I don’t care. But if you’re Spam beware,  I just found the comment edit button 🙂

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Comments on: "Strange Daze" (13)

  1. Hansi… Thanks for visiting my Blog and turning me on to your world. I’m not much of a writer, but I can always get better following your Hallucinations.

    • And thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m not much of a writer either, but I’m a damn good hallucinator. Let it rip, all else will follow.

  2. Fun commentary on that annoying code. You might enjoy my limerick about CAPTCHA.

    • Thanks…and as usual, that was a great limerick. didn’t know that code thingie had an actual name; CAPTCHA. Sounds like a spy organization to me 🙂

  3. Hansi…I was tolerating the spam over at my site pretty well for a while, but my improving writing and attendant rise in Alexa score has the spam bots working overtime loading the site up, so I gave in.

    The day y spam count hit 150 for the day I added it. Now 3-4 get through and that’s it.

    On the antidote for Viagra iffin ya get a 4 hour errection…I’m always curious about that when I see the commercial. I figger that if I’ve been going without for weeks or months because I can’t get it up, when I DO get a hard-on, if it lasts 4 hours it’s the gal, not me, that’s gonna need medical attention because I’m gonna use it as long as it lasts.

    • Wow Bob….I don’t get anywhere near that amount of spam, so I can screw with it for fun.

      And speaking of screwing, Yeah i could figure out who is the real victim of a four hour stiffy.

    • 4 hours.

      At my age, that’s called a high-quality problem.

  4. A four hour erection, that brings back memories Hansi, very distant ones.

    A-U-L, UK

  5. i am spam and i am a ware !!

  6. First time I’ve seem spam with a gravitar…

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