mind expanding nonsense


Here’s a page out of my sketch pad illustrating my lack of computer skills, but highlighting my hallucinogenic draftsmanship.  Wished I could make it look slick and polished.  Naw, not really.  This is the raw stuff: mind to hand, to paper.  Just a free flowing of thoughts and drawing.  I’ll yet you figure it out.


Comments on: "4-10-11" (5)

  1. Hansi, your computer skills are probably 10 times better than mine, I just about get by.

    As for your artistic skills, I only wish I could draw like you. The only drawing I do is money out of the bank.

    I like your artistic method of blogging, it’s a nice change from all the shit out there.

    A-U-L, UK

    • Hey thanks Bill, but your computer skills are pretty good by the looks of your blog. I love using the computer and all this high tech crap to crank out my low tech, unsophisticated graphics (aka: drawings). Everybody can draw, we did it as kids, and not caring about results, loved it. But the really important thing is to keep drawing breath; that can be an art form in itself.

  2. Fun sketch! I can’t draw at all. (:

  3. […] decided to steal an idea from my dad, and combine my notes and my drawings into a single […]

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