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100% Pure Hansi




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  1. geezerpussrex said:

    Ah Kingfish. Now you’re back to backing sense, as opposed to cents. The Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall would be boarded up if you take up with the House of Pain. All your chums… more or less.. have split the scene there, leaving you with mission zeal-bots from the Deep. Take Sapphire out to Avalon for a mid-week rethink. Eat a buffalo burger ar Eric’s on the pier and take the glass bottomed boat. Get up off that thing and relieve some of dat pressure. Let there be neither nine-inch emotional nails nor vinegar soaked spounges for our Hansi!

  2. geezerpussrex said:

    I meant “back to making sense” not making bacon or backing into foul scents. Well you got the point!

  3. ” The time is over for goals” – I like that one, same here. So have you rejected the house of pain idea? Good decision if you have.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

    • Bill…Actually my former employer [house of pain] called me yesterday and if they pay me top step, I’m a goin’ back for no more than 15 hours a week. Easy money, I can’t resist.

  4. Hansi,
    So you are telling the world that you are a sellout?

  5. Hansi, if you MUST go back to PO’ing, and wouldn’t mid the commute, I know a PO office in the North Georgia mountains that is in desperate need of someone competent.

  6. Well Dad, from the perspective of someone who five-times-a-week goes to their own house of pain (my beloved Spice Mines), I thought you were nuts to think about going back to work. Looks like maybe you came to your senses 😉

    • Sean…I may have lost my senses all together. Cause I’m going back to the House of Pain. It’ll provide good fodder for the blog, along with some chump change to go fishing with. Already got an idea for my first back to work post: “3000 Drunk Drivers” When ya see that one, know that Daddy is back in the saddle again.

  7. […] decided to steal an idea from my dad, and combine my notes and my drawings into a single […]

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